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Oct 10, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Friends

Although tomorrow is the actual holiday, today is the day that most celebrate.  


Oct 09, 2021

Que pasa

It is that time of year to start putting patio furniture away for the winter and to remove the dead flowers. We still have tomatoes growing here in the yard and in the garden so we are leaving them be for now. The girls both love poking their noses into spiders webs but Ciela is […]


Oct 07, 2021

The latest in our lives…..

Isn’t it interesting how life gets in the way of enjoying life 🙄  Maybe its just me. I had ordered some fall and winter coats for the twins and they are all lovely. However a few things are going back – love doing business with Amazon. I should have remeasured them before I ordered. They […]


Oct 04, 2021

Happy 9 months!

So hard to believe that our chocolate stash have grown so much. They grow so very fast. Puppies need to be loved every day, 24/7. Our girls are getting a great deal of love.


Oct 03, 2021

The story of my very sore foot

No photos today, just a big rant. You have likely read about my rolling/twisting my ankle on September the 18th. I tripped on a hard dog bone laying under a dog blanket. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was stepping. It hurt then but did not bruise, I used ice and did the best […]


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