Dec 09, 2021

No internet…..

This large 5th wheel from Calgary, Alberta came in early afternoon Monday. I believe that it was their first time here.

Instead of coming in off the road into the middle of the park they made a sharp left across the front of these two RV’s and took down the internet and ?? other lines. You can see the young fellow on the left holding some wires in his hands as he looks up.

We only just got internet back late this afternoon. They also raised all the lines higher at the same time so that hopefully this won’t happen again.

When we crossed into Mexico I needed to get a new Telcel SIM card as it had been over 20 months since I had put any money on my original SIM card. I purchased the 300 peso Telcel paquete so that I got 4GBs in case we had an internet issue 💡  They also gifted me an additional 4GB’s so I thought that I would have all I need.

I had forgotten how bad Telcel is out here on the Isla is out here with no close towers.

Even using my iPhone as a hotspot was useless as I could not get a good Telcel signal 😯 It wasn’t until midday today that Colin said that I could go over to RV2 and send a blog post. By then then they had started the repair.

Meanwhile yesterday at sunset a main waterline here on the Isla broke. This has been happening often in past months. Things are old and worn out. Only this time the main tinaca ( water cistern ), here in the RV park, only had two feet of water in it. Ismael ( our handy man and do it all guy – not sure this park would run without him ) had already started to transfer the water from the shower tinacas into the main one.

So no internet, no cell phone and no water. Nothing to worry about as this is Mexico.

Just wanted to update you as to our latest que pasa.

We and the girls are just fine.  It has been busier than we expected since we arrived, a few challenges but we have overcome those and the issues mentioned in this post.  I have been trying for a few days now to just have a few hours to myself. Has not happened yet. Remember that book that I started in that empty lot the day we drove from Q to Yuma, I have not gotten past page 40.  I think that I need to restart that novel – soon.

I will catch you all up including the girls first beach walk.  The loved it as we did. However on their second walk they took off a few times and we have had to curtail their freedom.

We are here and doing well. I will post when I post, so keep checking back unless you are already signed up for automatic deliveries to your inbox.

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16 Responses to “No internet…..”

  1. lucy says:

    Howdyyyy, we, your readers were concerned about you silence, it occurred to me that perhaps U had no WiFi & or internet. Coming from an 3rd world country we’re trained to think: no power, no water, no TV, no transportation due to buses strike…no problem, light a candle, take a sponge bath, read a book & walk your buns off instead of taking the bus; asi es la vida y es lo Que Pasa in those 3rd world countries !!!

    Glad the whole bunch is doing well.

    My regards: Lucy.

  2. Sandy! says:

    Yea, all is well and I sure hope there have been some beautiful sunsets for you to enjoy. I can just visualize those little girls running down the beach at full speed; ears flapping in the breeze they create! So very happy you are safely parked for the next few months. It does take a few days to slow down and adapt to the Mexican way of doing things. Again, enjoy to the fullest.

  3. Carol says:

    Glad to see they fixed your internet. Surprised – they wouldn’t fix our cable. Hope things are settling down some and you can sit down and enjoy or go walking.

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Sounds like you are living life as it should be, a nice, slow relaxed pace. Even without some of the amenities we are all accustomed to!

  5. Can say was getting worried, glad all ok.. can just see them running with free abandonment on the beach, not listening at all ??

  6. Don McKelvay says:

    So very pleased to hear you made it despite a few ‘challenges’ enroute. For those of us stuck in the snow in Canada we are ‘basking’ in your sun.

    • contessa says:

      So happy to have you along on this trip as usual. I haven’t checked on the temps and forecast in your area. Next beach walk I will send you some beach vibes.

  7. Linda Sand says:

    I’m trying to not be envious as we have our first winter storm of the season here in Minnesota. I don’t care for the sound of snow plows but I do appreciate them being out there right now. Not sure if you’d trade places with me given your own challenges. 🙂

  8. Michelle says:

    So glad you made it, now enjoy it:)

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