Dec 03, 2021

We can almost smell the ocean

We were up at 5AM and driving at 6AM. It did not take long for dawn to break. Such a beautiful thing to observe as the various colours came out and changed to become lighter and lighter.

Difficult to capture the perfect shot from a moving vehicle. So I got an artsy one instead.

For some reason there were dozens and dozens of birds flying all around us as we drove through Vicam. The girls went wild. They watch the birds all the time at home but there so many here that they got rather excited. You can see a few on the right on the road.

They flew in front of the RV, alongside and above. The girls watched them as they moved. They really wanted to see them up close.

They followed the birds with their heads and at one point ran to the back of the RV as they flew alongside – smart thinking in that they thought they could see them at the back of the RV. They watched them land on the electrical wires and then fly away yet again.

They were so fascinated and excited and we were equally entranced watching their unique reaction to nature. Carlie came up to me several times to give me her ‘I am very happy right now” kisses of thank you for her being there. She does not do this everyday but she does let us know when she is happy or when we have arrived somewhere that she likes. Ciela is actually jumping in the air in this photo. This was a great way to start our day.

A new piece of news regarding the C Oregon bypass to Navajo. Effective December 1st the expensive toll will no longer be based on your total number of axles. Instead the toll will be based on each vehicle. So instead of paying 336 pesos we had to pay 515 🙁  Not a pleasant surprise.

Not an official toll booth but one made by people in the area. It is rather cute as they actually have a tiny piece of string that one of the elders ( sitting under the lean to ) pulls across as you drive up as if that would stop you from driving on. They are wanting a donation before they will allow you to cross. Back in 2019 they actually had a large semi blocking the highway.

We stopped at the large Pemex in Navojoa so that the girls could do their business.  They did not. Shortly after we drove in Jackie & Rolf from Tres Amigos pulled in. They were planning to do the long 10 -12 hour drive to the Isla today. We have done that in the past but just not worth the wear and tear on our bodies and of course not with two puppies. We fuelled up and carried on. There is no time for long breaks.  One never knows the conditions of the roads and how long it might take. It changes every year. Plus there are only so many places that you can overnight along the way.

I have named this Hell on Earth road.

It is a huge mess of no road but rather sand, gravel, pot holes and is extremely bumpy, did I mention pot holes? It does not go a long way but what there was was hellish. Three young ladies were working with shovels to fit in the holes as we drove past and at the same time asking for a donation for their volunteer efforts. We were happy to give them some pesos.

This is at the south end of Sonora. You can see the nicer highway as you cross into Sinaloa. We could have walked faster then the speed we were driving along here.

Shortly after the Hell on Earth road our dash A/C started to work again 😯 Bonus!

The San Miguel toll booth just before Los Mochis was a beehive of activity with vendors swarming all vehicles trying to make some money. For some reason it took forever to get through the toll booth and move on.

A burning fire is how brush is cleared along the side of the road. No one is there to watch it. A few weeks back my friend Carol took a similar shot except in her’s the fire was actually burning right up towards the top of a pole.

We drove 312 miles today in 8 1/2 hours. I always use miles in the blog when referring to the RV as our odometer only registers miles.  We imported it from the US.  We pulled into the Pemex  3970 at KM 75 about 25 kilometres before the Autopista between Culiacan and Mazatlan. First we fuelled up for the second time today.  We were parked by 2:40PM, dumped the air, levelled the jacks and put the slides out. Within twenty minutes Colin had the generator out and running. Five minutes later we could feel the trickle of cool air. It was very very hot, 89F inside and 96F outside. It took a while be we did get the inside down to 79F by first using the front AC and later the back one in the bedroom. So wonderful to be cool again.

Too warm to do much so we all relaxed. That orange reflection is the sun ever so slowly going down.

Can you see that bit of yellow next to the RV just behind the steps? That is our generator, put there to protect it from other vehicles and trucks.

End of a long day. We still have abut 200 miles to drive tomorrow which will take at least five hours based on the condition of the autopsista.

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7 Responses to “We can almost smell the ocean”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    You are almost there, safe travels tomorrow, and hopefully the girls have as much fun tomorrow as they did on today’s drive 🙂

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    After reading about those temps I think I will take snow and 20’s up here in the northland! Then again, ask me in January and you will probably get a different answer!

  3. Cindy Mensies says:

    Yahoo almost there!

  4. Lucy says:

    Hola amigos, YESSSSSSS, Casi casi a orillas del mar !! My regards: Lucy. PS: No hay mal que dure cien años, ni cuerpo que lo resista. 🙂 🙂

  5. MJ WARREN says:

    I am so happy you an Colin preserved and kept your eye on the prize.
    I’m so excited to follow the happenings over the next few months, especially
    the happenings of the newbies to the beach.
    RE: the girls not doing their business: when I was traveling back home
    to Florida from Arizona with my 3 greyhounds, it was the only female who
    held her #2 for 3 days. :))


  6. Pauline Watson says:

    The antics of the girls in the beginning of the post had me laughing! 🙂
    I can totally picture what they’re thinking.
    Love the sunset pics!
    That road.?! What?! Whoa!
    I’m so happy for you that things are going smoother 🙂

    On an aside holding a #2 for 3 days seems epic!

    Today is happy 11 months for the sisters!

  7. Creigh Gordon says:

    Well if the A/C came back on my refrigerant leak diagnosis was wrong. I’m going with an electrical fault now.

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