Nov 29, 2021

Today did not go as planned

We got to the repair centre at 8AM on the dot. Apparently another RV had come in at 7:00 ( no one told us that they opened at 7 ) and were in the alignment bay. Colin drove the RV into the bay at 9:20AM.

Sadly when we returned about 4:30PM the RV was not ready but they were going to work on it till it was done.

About 5:45PM  ( they lock the gates at 5PM ) we were told that there was only the one more piece left to install before doing the alignment. What are the odds that it was the wrong piece? Nothing anyone could do.  But it was already late and they wanted to close. We were given very short notice to pack up and find a hotel for the night.

Most unsettling for us. They closed and locked the gates behind us at 6:30PM.  Thanks to good friends Stacie and Bob who did the research for us as we were frantically packing we were able to drive directly to the Ramada at Wyndham which are pet friendly. What we did not know is that they were so busy that the only dog rooms were on the second floor with no elevator. Good thing Colin is strong, he carried up five loads and now has to take the dogs down to do their business. I remembered everything for the girls but forgot our special pillows and all my sanitizer stuff. I had a small bottle in my purse ( which I almost forgot ) and a few individual hand mini wipes in individual packets so we made do.

No idea what tomorrow will bring. The shop will try and source the missing tie rod in the morning. Likely they will have to cobble us together with some of the old pieces to get us out of their bay. Then we wait for a part. Of course Colin will call Sparten in the morning. If they have the part the soonest would be another air freight for overnight .Of course the cost of closing up the RV and then reopening it up will be added to our ever growing labor bill

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Apparently tomorrow can always be worse than today.

Stay tuned for the rest of this saga. Guess I will have lots of time tomorrow to catch you all up on every detail.

Posted without checking for errors, sorry but I am really done for tonight.

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6 Responses to “Today did not go as planned”

  1. Just when you think you are in the clear!

    All my parts are crossed today goes well and they find the part locally!

  2. cindy says:

    Praying for parts to be found so this nightmare can be over for you all! Hang in there …. it will get fixed so you can be on your way! 😉

  3. Lucy says:

    God bless your soul amigos, it’s been said there is a reason for everything it happen to us, but…this is way TOO MUCH !! Praying for U guys. 🙁

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