Nov 27, 2021

Last day in Quartzsite

We have enjoyed our short stay in this RV park.

The girls have enjoyed it as well, at least they had no stress. Just sunshine to laze around in.

So cute how they follow the sunshine.

This guy came in yesterday just for one night. Note his dog standing on the back of the truck. How ever do his wife and he ( tall dude ) fit inside to sleep?

Yesterday I was actually relaxing on the sofa with a glass of vino blanco when I took this shot ( from inside of course ) remember, I was relaxing.

Carlie had another incident this morning. Colin was walking them on the road, but not too far from a cactus garden. The wind must have blown pieces onto the gravel road. She screamed and held her front left paw up. He dropped Ciela’s leash and ran back to the RV. I grabbed my tweezers and started to do what needed to be done. She cried out so loudly with each pull. They were deeply embedded and I had to use my full strength to pull them out. She cried at each one. Done. She is in shock and trembling in my arms as her heart races.

Most were fully embedded right to the flower tip. Looks to be between 1/2 – 3/4 of an inch.  Poor puppy.  I had an analgesic antibiotic that I sprayed onto her foot ( the entry points were bleeding just a tiny bit ). She than lay for over an hour next to Colin under piles of blankets and dozed off and on.

It’s all about the girls.

The first purchase we made here was a carpet for them to lay on and play on. Best purchase ever. I think they look so good on that carpet.

As you can see Carlie is feeling better and Ciela has been very gentle with her all morning and keeps giving her kisses.

This came in this afternoon, looks like this Class A and its people are going to be enjoying the dessert.

Everything in this park is so neat and tidy. One of the best run RV parks we have ever been in.  Please stop in if only for a night. You can tell them that Colin Jewall recommended this place.

Can you even imagine what is behind this door?

A full dog spa! I have never ever seen anything like this. The green tub with hot and cold, a table with a hair dryer and a washing machine just for dog stuff so that the hair does not get into the people washers.  Off the the left they even had a huge plastic apron ( covered in a dog bone print ) so you stay dry.

Most impressive. Remember this is Quartzsite!  One of the first things you are told about are the areas where the free doggie bags are.

There are two washes you can walk along, with or without your pets. At night the sides come alive with colourful lights. In fact most folks have some lights strung. Fun to walk around after dark.

A large club house.

Two bridges to walk over the wash. So pretty. If we would stay in Q this is the place we would be.

Tomorrow is going to be a very long 77 mile drive. Remember fingers crossed that we make it. Prayers are welcome as well.

In case you missed my post yesterday about the Que Pasa of Our Breakdown click here.





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8 Responses to “Last day in Quartzsite”

  1. Cindy Mensies says:

    Oh my poor Carlie! Glad you could get them all out! Yikes! Love the sunset picture! Funny we never stopped ever in Q to see what was there but have friends who love it there! Safe travels tomorrow! ??

    • contessa says:

      To be honest I really had to pull hard to get those things out. Q is best enjoyed in 2 – 3 days. Unless you just want to hang in the dessert for a while, sunsets and sunrises are spectacular. But the wind is cool and blows most of time, it was 45F this morning.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    We are sending nothing but positive thoughts and prayers for your safe travel to Yuma tomorrow. It is too bad that such crappy circumstances had to happen in order for us to get together this winter but we are looking forward to seeing the four of you on Monday.

  3. Michelle says:

    So glad there are some bright spots in this journey. I hope things continue to improve.

    I love the carpets that matches the girls, it’s a great safe space,

    I’m planning for a much less difficult journey to California by airplane this week for my cousin’s 95th Birthday, the next to last of his generation. I too am a bit leery of traveling with so many people. I will be double masked…

    Let’s hope all our travels will be easier….

    Thinking of you and if you were closer I’d bring you some wine!

    Best wishes,

    • contessa says:

      I think that is a great carpet for $35.00. So thick and soft. Oh my, good luck with your flights.95 is to be celebrated. No worries, I have 22 cases of wine on board. Safe travels to you. Be safe.

  4. I just read your last week’s posting. OMG, such (mis)adventures, I kept thinking it can’t get worse, yet it did.

    Fingers crossed the drive to Yuma is uneventful and the repairs are done quickly. You guys deserve only good fortune moving forward.

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