Nov 14, 2021

From 16F to 84F within eight hours

It was very cool this morning when we woke up in Ely. Yet once we reached Las Vegas this afternoon it was hot, hot, hot.  The girls loved is as we did. Despite the cold the sun was shining this morning and the twins were not into sitting under blankets as it felt very warm inside the RV.

The day started with a fight over who got this chew bone.

Once again despite careful planning and getting up on time we still left 30 minutes late at 8:30AM.  All I could think about were Ken and Margot. We traveled back with them from Mexico one year. Ken is English and a real stickler for adhering to a schedule. There was no way that I could even negotiate another 10 minutes of sleep. We certainly had so much fun traveling with them and their doxie Hilde. On that trip Margot and I talked on the CB’s all the way back. This morning Ken was all I could think about as I could see his disappointment as me not leaving precisely as we had planned, day after day.  In this blog, written in August of 2015, the last time we saw them, Ken was still trying to stick to his schedule.

I took this photo for Croft this morning. He and Norma would always stay at the Prospector Hotel RV lot. Norma loved to gamble. Since their last trip passing thru Ely that RV lot is now a Holiday Inn Express.  Sadly neither Margot nor Norma are with us. They both passed because of the big C. It truly was a day of reminiscing. Margot and Norma were both very special ladies and I miss them.

Carlie wouldn’t share the bone so Ciela showed her who was boss by trying to hump her – a sign of dominance. It did not work.

When they tired they napped on me. Today their naps were very short.

For the first time Carlie was brave enough to sit on Colin’s seat as he drove.

The drive from Ely to Las Vegas is long and boring. However there is this one short section that is extremely scenic. The rock formations are vivid and varied within these few miles.

We finally got to Hiko where it was toasty warm. We stopped here to let the girls out to do their business which they refused to do. We dry camped here one year under this tree.

Turns out it was a doxie meet up. Hard to see but this was a rare cream longhaired sister and brother now 13.5 years. They were rather shy of us and our girls. Paula ( ?? ) and her husband Colin live in Summerland, very close to us. There are newer RVers but good for them to get back out there. Please keep in touch with us Paula.

Ciela in the bed and Carlie again on Colin. You might note a dark screen behind the dog bed, we were trying to keep the sun from heating up the girls too much. Seems to work. We stopped at the Love’s just before I-15 for the girls. They have refused to do their business since first thing this morning. They finally did once we got settled into our site here in Vegas.

Smoggy/hazy day. Being a Sunday there was very little traffic.

We checked in at the Las Vegas RV Resort about 2:30PM and were more or less set up in our site by 3:15.  I was extremely slow setting up the inside.  I had no energy and had to keep sitting down after doing one or two things. Meanwhile the girls were beyond happy.  They have a certain way of showing their happiness mostly by expressing with their eyes and bestowing me with dozens of kisses. This would go on for a few hours. I think I am worn out from the prep before we left and the pace of the past few days. I wouldn’t even drink wine so that tells something.

Colin set up the dish around 4ish and then suddenly it was getting dark. I actually checked to see that we hadn’t changed time zones. Dark before 5PM.  Surprise.

I took this but it was difficult to show the colour in the sky but I did get something bright in the sky. Is is Mercury or Venus? I know one of you will tell me for certain.

Drove 255.3 miles today.  Happy to not be moving for a few days.


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6 Responses to “From 16F to 84F within eight hours”

  1. Gene Siesky says:

    I’m enjoying the ride. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Ken says:

    Glad you made it thus far. Sort of a practice run for the final push to the other border.
    Fancy that, Contessa, remembering about my scheduling rules, I am flattered! Yes, you and Margot made a formidable female pair. Tough for Colin and I to get a word in edgewise.
    Now that you have reached the sun and warmth I know you would be pleased to know you escaped the Pineapple Express here on the west coast. Heavy rain started 10am Sunday, maintained the deluge thu Sunday, all last night and still continue to downpour. Should stop later today. The Thompson river is set to rise 1 meter and many, many abandon home orders issued. Safe here though.
    So on that cheery note, wish you well for the time in Vegas and the final push to the beach for the rest of the winter. Stay safe. Cheers Ken (and memory of Margot)

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    I always am surprised that people don’t enjoy TwinFalls to of our favorite drives as we love the wide open expanse. Just a note about the Sinaloa roads. If you haven’t read Carol’s posts (More Golden Years) you will see that the roads are even worse than usual.

  4. Lucy says:

    Hi Contessa: How many more miles till U reach the Isla ? My regards: Lucy.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    I think that’s the fun part of travelling, running into people from home in far away places 🙂 I hope you are feeling better after a few days rest. We are waving to you from down the road.

  6. Karen says:

    Such a wonderful trip for you after waiting so long to be at it again. Believe me when I say very good decision,we have so much rain, Merritt is under evacuation and Princeton as well,parts of Abbotsford have declared disaster all major roads heading towards your place are closed from slides and or flooding. Our power has been out for over 6 hours as I write this. Apparently it’s called a atmospheric river described by our Mark Madrea on global news. Stay safe love to all four
    Karen & Dave

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