Nov 13, 2021

Some fun stories to share tonight

Well the lovely wee RV park is not so quiet on a Friday night. At least 8 RV’s came in after us. That is to be expected but not the two who arrived at 12:15AM and then at 12:35AM.  Then there was the car full of partiers who came home at 1AM and wanted to share their joy with us. Colin and the girls slept thru it all.

This series of photos were taken between Twin Falls , Idaho and Ely, Nevada. Carlie is working on getting under the blankets in the tiny bed on the dash.

Something has been missing since we left home. Colin has looked for it every time we stop. Last night he took everything out of the Jeep to no avail. Finally we called our friend Inger and she went into our house and found what was missing. It was exactly where they should be had we been home. I think what happened is that they were out on the counter to be packed and Colin put them away as he cleaned the kitchen. He put my crock pot away instead of taking it to the RV.  What is missing are all the girls treats plus small spilt antler bones for chewing. They have resorted to chewing their blankets and making holes. I could only find this particular product online and in Winnipeg and had it shipped from Winnipeg a few weeks ago. They work out to close to $6.00 CAD each, in the USA they start at $8.00 US each but are not the same quality and not the same consistent small size. I don’t have all the details as that info is in my desktop and I have been using the laptop since we left. So now we can stop looking for them and instead I will spend my energy trying to get them to Mexico. Also missing were several bags of dog treats but those can be replaced in the US.

Shortly thereafter Ciela moved to the bed between us. I was free for a short period of time. They love to sit on me as we drive.

I wanted to mention that my foot is almost 95% healed.  Sitting with it elevated all day has helped a lot.

Then Carlie soon joined her, first time ever having them both there. Eventually we hope that is where they will stay while we travel – for the most part.

Just as we were about to leave this morning when Colin had something happen. We were ready to pull away, the airbags were full and it was time to go. For some reason Colin put his plate containing a muffin halved and covered in peanut butter on his seat as he slid in.  Not easy getting into our seats because of the stool with the dog bed on I between our seats and the ramp. He sat on it 😯  Needless to say his shorts were covered in peanut butter as was a section of his shirt.  He changed and added more peanut butter and then we were good to go.  Wish I had thought to take a photo.

It was a very foggy morning and we finally left ( late again ) at 8:45 AM. Not so easy merging onto I-84. Fortunately the sun soon broke thru the fog and it was a lovely travel day.

Such a spectacular entrance to Twin Falls, Idaho. Pretty good for a point and shoot.  There is no room to stop with a hooked up RV. One day we will have to park somewhere and drive back in the Jeep to check this vista out properly.

There is a new huge Walmart on the loop road ( Pole Line Road ) to Nevada. We needed carrots for the girls, a few treats for them as well and I needed some new wine and a watch.  Yes a watch. I dropped mine on the floor at home two days in a row.  On the second drop the band broke, I have the tiny screw but need a proper repair. So I took a quick look at watches and found the perfect one for $8.88. Only thing is now I can’t get the clasp to open. Working on that now.

They are in constant motion even when sleeping.

I have to say I was rather surprised when I walked into that Walmart. No one except myself and the staff were wearing a mask 😯 I made a comment to another shopper and she said that they don’t wear masks there. Okay! So I did a very fast essential only shop – only three bottles of wine. As I checked out I was upset with myself for not bringing in my bags. Totally forget in the decision to make a quick stop. No worries it turns out. This Walmart ( perhaps all in Idaho ) still give out free plastic bags and like to double bag as well. At least we now have some garbage bags 🙄

Of course that shopping stop made us another 45 minutes delayed. But we did make it to Nevada.

I was such a lovely day.

Mother Nature treated us to a sunset that seemed to last for over an hour.

It was difficult to choose just a few photos for this post. We both really enjoyed just watching the changing colours and the shadows over the mountains.

A long drive at 416 miles but we did get to Ely at 5:45 in the dark.  Tomorrow the girls will be in for a whole new experience.

Love your comments and yes it will get warmer starting tomorrow.  Hey Vern, we passed Boise about 9:30PM. Lots of new road construction going there. Sorry I missed you, maybe next time.

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5 Responses to “Some fun stories to share tonight”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, the only thing I can find is the following:

    Velocity Truck Centers
    3701 Freightliner Drive
    North Las Vegas, NV 89081

    (off of Interstate 15)

    Phone (702) 643-0313

    Toll free (800) 268-3177

    • Croft says:

      I checked back in my Blog to where we had work done in Las Vegas several years ago. It was Double Eagle RV Repairs on the Old Boulder Highway but I checked and they seem to be out of business now. Good luck getting it repaired.

  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    Re: the above is regarding your right jack which was not taking any weight.

  3. jim Davis says:

    That stretch between Twin Falls and Ely is one of the most remote areas we have ever driven, not much out there. Re masks in Idaho, there’s a reason that state has high Covid numbers……..

    Safe travels

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    I’m sorry Colin but I did have a good laugh at your expense, thanks for that 🙂 Glad to hear your foot is feeling better Contessa!

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