Oct 17, 2021

Breaking news

So true as I was keeping my foot elevated.

The decision has been made. Colin wants the girls to enjoy the beach and not the snow. We are heading south to Mexico. But then yesterday my foot acted up again. Is this ever going to go away, it has been four weeks? So now we are hesitant. The last time we were to the Isla, winter of 2019, my knee went and I needed surgery.  I do not want another year of not walking the beach.  What to do?

Chewing bones in unison.

So I am going to baby my foot for a few days and see how it goes.  We do need to make a decision pronto. Colin has found a generator that we can pick up in Las Vegas. We just have to get through two nights of dry camping but we do have our Mr Buddy and the furnace. However we won’t have energy to run the computer = no blog, and will have to eat whatever we can make on a propane stove top. Hmm guess I will make a hearty soup to heat up.  Hot water for coffee will be heated on the burner.

These are actually mini antlers which are cut in half making it easier for small dogs to enjoy.

Thanks to a few people we have opened our eyes to a few RV parks that we were not aware of.  However I have not yet checked if they are pull throughs.

Plus much easier on the teeth.

So we need a few more days to decide beyond the point of no return. However I am proceeding as if we are leaving on November 11th based on weather.

The girls are being so very good through all of this construction upheaval as well as my obvious personal unsettledness.

We are in the midst of what was to be a smallish reno which it really is but the amount of dirt and debris is a real pain. If they finish tomorrow that will be the next post.

I did check with both workers yesterday that they were fully vaccinated. They were, thank goodness.


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8 Responses to “Breaking news”

  1. A Jame says:

    Perhaps purchase a small converter- 12 volt plug into dash & gives 120V to your computer.
    All the best for your trip to the beach.

  2. Kay says:

    Wearing Masks… my best friend went to ND to see her grandson and sister. The sister’s husband got taken to the hospital with Covid. My friend is FULLY vac and today, she is on day 7 of covid herself at her home in MO. She was exposed to her brother in law in ND, visited her grandson and family, a few friends, then drove back home to MO, stopping for gas and restroom use, snacks and such. Got home went to work on Monday, was immediately tested and tested negative. On Wednesday, she was feeling sick with fever 102 and Thursday she tested positive for Covid. WEAR MASKS the shots still let you catch COVID!

  3. Don McKelvay says:

    We wish you a wonderful trip, but and I know you two will be a safe as possible, remember you will not know many of the people you interact with enroute. Your trip will be another wonderful memory, we envy you. Always love to read your adventures.

  4. Karen says:

    Ohh my that’s fantastic news,we are both so happy to hear you are heading south! (Hopefully) I know you miss your place down in MX ????????

  5. Pauline Watson says:

    How exciting!!! I’m so happy for you both and the girls too 🙂

  6. ? that you are well enough to make the trip and enjoy the beach!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Yeah…..see you on the beach

  8. Hope you will be making your trip to Mexico. I bet sitting by the beach will be good for your healing ankle. As to the generator that would be good if you can get it. I hear they have been on short supply and it is difficult to find any if at all. The dogs will love the beach for sure.

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