Oct 14, 2021

Plans keep getting changed

Taken just a few days ago.

This blog post was to discuss the possibility of shipping our RV and the Jeep across the border and flying over on a charter plane. Colin has been against it but because so many were doing it this year I did some investigation. Long story short, it would cost us $4,200.00. Gulp 🙁 It is cheaper for those just having a 5th wheel or a trailer and truck. We have two motorized vehicles which is more expensive. There is also a choice of a 3 seater or 5 seater aircraft. We would need the 5 seater because of the puppies as well as two of Colin’s guitars. He would not leave those two irreplaceable instruments in the RV and take a chance. So the short decision is no, we were not going to do that. We don’t have that disposable income and then what if the border should open shortly thereafter?

Mist on the lake left from the last post.

The girls are so enjoying the early morning sunshine.  Often they ring the bells to go out but once the door is open they look up and give us the eye. Way too cold for them.

This looks like a good app to download,  What3Words A logical choice.

Of course I heard the news online about the Canada/US border opening in early November. Thanks to the all of you who messaged, emailed, etc to let me know. You all want to know what we are going to do.  As this news broke I was busy concentrating on Mazatlan and the Isla, trying to find out how badly category 1 Hurricane Pamela damaged our second home.

We have not heard how La Cruz is going, there are a few RV parks there. Tres Amigos on the Isla is supposed to be okay.

Mazatlan had damage, some folks used boats to transit the streets because of the amount of rain. Some areas had no electricity while others did. Many businesses were damaged as were homes. Fortunately Pamela hit 45 miles north of Mazatlan which made a huge difference. On the Isla the electric went out right away and many still have none tonight. Most of the ocean front restaurants have damage including losing their palapas. Streets are damaged as well as some restaurants suffered significant damage.

Someone very kindly went and took a few photos of our site. Love you both and thanks ever so much. We have some damage to both palapas but from the photos it appears that we might only need to replace some palm fronds.  We just finished redoing the entire roof of both palapas in January of 2020. We were forced to leave mid March of 2020. It was a major expense. Because we could not travel last winter due to the border being closed someone else enjoyed our site.

We can handle this damage. However trying to find someone who is free to do repairs is another story. It is a bit worse than it looks and there may be more damage on top and on the back. But not anywhere near as bad as we had feared.

These girls have so much fun together.

So now the border is to open in early November. What is your definition of early November? I guess we will know next  Wednesday. It usually takes me a full 6 weeks to prepare for Mexico. It is a full two years since my mind was taxed with the preparation.  Can I get this done in time? There are three big challenges. The first is my having to reschedule two medical procedures, one that needs to be done in the winter. I had to book this a year in advance. The other is best done over the winter but perhaps can be changed, it takes six months to get an appointment. The second is crossing the mountains at that time of year and the third is finding a portable generator. Colin has been looking for months now and everything he finds is out of stock –  a normal thing since Covid.

The last time we went to Mexico, we left the 25th of October, 2019 and had challenges. I don’t have time to do “a click here” so here are the links if you care to check. The last one is related to the horrific weather conditions that had changed over night.

Rude crossing into the US.  http://www.contessajewall.com/2019/10/25/an-interesting-first-day/

The next day ended in the loss of our generator. http://www.contessajewall.com/2019/10/26/it-seemed-like-a-very-long-day/

This was the 488 mile travel day due to weather. http://www.contessajewall.com/2019/10/27/what-a-night-followed-by-what-a-day/

We certainly do not want a repeat of those last two days.

So Colin and I are about to enter into some discussions tomorrow. We agree that the generator is a must. I have to figure out where to get the energy to become organized. So many minute details to figure out. Going to Mexico mostly means heat, sand and a beach. Eating out is not an option because of the girls. They are not ready to be left on their own and not bark to bother others. My medical situation, etc. So you will have to be patient and see how it goes. Of course we will have  to wait for an opening through the mountains if and when the time comes.

Will this RV get on the road or not?




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10 Responses to “Plans keep getting changed”

  1. SandyM says:

    Decision, oh my! I wish you well in making the correct decision for you and Colin. We will stay tuned and of course whatever you decide we will ride along with you through your blog. Thank you for all the time and effort you take/make to give us a great blog to read. Hugs to you both.

    • contessa says:

      You are most welcome. Hope to be able to have you along for the drive. I always love your hugs but in person they are the best.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Great news on the border! Hope you are able to get everything in order so you can leave when you want to!

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    We just heard from our friend Rafael who minds our house that we had no damage. Lots of things on the roof that could blow away so we were lucky. As we are booked to fly on October 30th we won’t be driving. Too bad but we just have to roll with it. For you it is more complicated and as of today it looks like you can cross November 8th. We always found that as long as we didn’t have any deadlines and were flexible bad weather travel was possible but of course never what we would choose. One year we had snow between Twin Falls and Ely in September! Some years November was sunny and and clear. Good luck with all your decisions….Mazatlan and the sunshine awaits?

    • contessa says:

      So happy for you that your Mexican home survived Pamela. Thanks for your email, Jackpot may work out but then we have to add another driven day to the mix. Not much we can do till closer to the time.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    There is just so much uncertainty in what to do right now and so I sympathize with the pressure you are under! We have left twice near the end of November and made it south with no problems, we just watched the weather and chose the days to travel.

    • contessa says:

      The last time when we got caught in the weather that storm just appeared overnight so you don’t always know. If we had a generator then I would not worry so much.

  5. Pauline Watson says:

    All the best with the decision making. I would love to go to a Mexico resort this fall, hopefully we can get to Banff or Jasper instead. Mountains the next best thing to the beach and margarita’s 🙂
    I totally get the cold weather “eye” mom look.
    The girls look happy sitting in the sun.

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