Oct 04, 2021

Happy 9 months!

So hard to believe that our chocolate stash have grown so much.

February 2nd, just two days shy of being 4 weeks old.

March 24th, 11 weeks old.

September 24th, 8 3/4 months old.

They grow so very fast. Puppies need to be loved every day, 24/7. Our girls are getting a great deal of love.

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8 Responses to “Happy 9 months!”

  1. Maryjane Warren says:

    Very Soulful eyes. Every time I see them wrapped around each other, I imagine
    them in the womb together. Love your pups pics.

  2. Karen berg says:

    You say your girls are getting much love,I say when I die I’m coming back as one of your girls ?

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    It’s fun to see the baby pictures, so cute!
    Time sure has flown, they all seem so grown up already.
    Sending hugs and puppy kisses. 😉

  4. they are so cute, but such growth, time does fly by!!
    Hope your foot is feeling better by now….

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