Sep 23, 2021

We made it to our destination

I was surprised to find this photo in the camera tonight. Colin took it last night while I was stretched out on the sofa eating heated up goulash and enjoying a glass of  Sauvignon Blanc. What you can’t see is that Carlie is on my lap. She was cold and I was warming her up. I was wearing my fleece nightie. We did get down to 41F last night.

This morning the RV park was fairly full for this time of year. Still $43.00 Good Sam rate seemed a lot to me.

It wasn’t long before we saw Mount Robson.

I never get tired of seeing it. It is often clouded it, we were lucky today.

The girls are getting bigger and it is difficult for them to both fit between my legs. Here Ciela flipped onto her back and tilted her head back. I was lucky to catch her before she fell.

Taken shortly after we passed Jasper. We did manage to see a male bighorn sheep. Too quick for a photo but we did see how splendid his horns were.

Nature is amazing.

The girls both like to see what is out there from time to time. Usually it is Carlie but this is Ciela.

We were told that Valemount is about halfway between Kelowna and Edmonton. Once again we are staying in the same RV park that we did back in July. Wednesday we drove 294.3 miles and today we drove 289.7 miles, only 4.6 miles difference.  It should only take 5.5 hours but with stopping to pee the twins and then stopping for fuel today it took us longer. I was very surprised to see that we put in $311.00CAD dollars in fuel in Hinton. Colin had filled the RV before we left home. We likely will have to put in another $450.00 before getting home. Travel has become expensive. We are here at the Diamond Grove RV Park in Spruce Grove and are paying $47.25 for each of the six nights that we are here 😯 At least the internet works but is is limited per day.

We did have a lovely Alberta sunset tonight. My wish is to see the northern lights this trip.

When Colin walked the girls shorty after we got pulled in they saw a very tall, maybe 3′ high or more rabbit. It was lean, long and tall and pranced like a deer.  We intend to find out more about this critter tomorrow. Apparently last night the girls saw a pheasant while walking in the Valemount RV park. They are getting a nose for hunting.

Guess what tomorrow is….

I totally forgot about the time change.  We have been living today as though it is 9:30PM ( PST ) when in reality it is 10:30PM (MST ). Hopefully the girls will sleep that extra hour in the morning before demanding breakfast.

My gosh it is dry here, I broke two finger nails typing this post. We are supposed to have frost tonight, how fun 🙄 Back home it was a balmy 28C / 82.4F today.    Thanks to George of Our Awesome Travels we are staying warm with our Mr Buddy heater. If it weren’t for George we would be very cold tonight. We miss you George but you will never be forgotten.

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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like the girls were enjoying the view and had the best seat in the house!

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    I love the pictures of the mountains in the fall.
    It’s funny when they unbalance themselves and slid right off upside down 🙂 Good catch!
    You’re right it’s chilly here this morning 🙂 At least the sun should shine.

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