Sep 17, 2021

An unexpected event and 33F

Some of you might recall how much trouble we had last winter ( our first here in Canada for over 20 years ) getting propane delivered to keep us warm.  It was a weekly battle. We have been with the same company since 2003 with no problems whatsoever until this past winter. We use propane for our furnace, our hot water, the dryer, stove top and oven as well as the fireplace.  We love our fireplace which keeps us cozy but it uses a fair amount of propane. It is pretty obvious that we use more propane than most around here. We can go two weeks on our huge tank ( 380 litres/100US gallons ).

I continued to have problems with delivery and billing. Then I discovered that our company was charging eleven cents more per litre. It was time to make a change.

We switched from Superior ( who bought out Canwest  a few years ago ) to Pogo.  They delivered the new tank last Tuesday the 7th.

It was delivered with approximately 20% propane. Due to the layout of our site and the location of the propane tank they had to bring it in on a dolly. We were told that the tank would be filled at the beginning of this week and that 20% would be fine until then. As you can see it was a sunshine day and warm.

The blinds were down due to the heat but I opened them so that the girls could supervise.

And out with the old tank which will be delivered to Superior and I will get a credit for the remaining propane.

Fall is just around the corner.

It has been coolish for the past few days and we have had the fireplace on for the girls  ( and me  🙄 ). I also did four loads of laundry last Sunday which is about normal for the week. I called Monday the 13th to follow up about about getting our new tank filled. They said it would happen.

Just two days ago Wednesday the 15th, I walked into the kitchen to start dinner.  I also was running my bath when I noticed that the fireplace was almost without any flame.  I had no hot water for the bath and we had no propane to cook dinner.  It was 8PM.  We called the owner of the company and he couldn’t believe that we were on empty.  He said it was not possible. I reminded him about how many things we used propane for. We only had the one electric heater behind my desk. Our oil heaters were still in storage. It was getting rather cool outside. We were able to put in a take out order just before the Italian restaurant closed. Later Pogo credited us the cost of our meal.

At least we got dinner but no bath. Turns out that Wednesday was the coolest night in a long while. We got down to 33F 😯 Unusually cold for September. It was very chilly in our house yesterday morning.

The girls found a sliver of sunshine coming through a window to lay in. It was so cold that they both put on the brakes and came back inside.

The propane truck arrived just after 9AM as promised and delivered over 300 litres. We are good for a long while. They do deliver every two weeks and once per week once it gets cold out. Somehow our first fill fell through the cracks. Just our luck. I am thinking positive that this was a one time glitch. Interestingly enough it got to a high of 61F yesterday. Such a change of temperature in 24 hours.

It will definitely be a weekend of wine and cuddles.

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4 Responses to “An unexpected event and 33F”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    That reminds me, I need to check our level when we get back!

  2. Judith says:

    Bigger tank?? Just a thought. More money going out, but fewer trips to fill up. Just a thought.
    (I used to live out in the boonies….propane for heat.) Of course, you’re usually not there in the winter!! On a lovely Isla on the Pacific.

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    It sucks that you had run out, but their customer service seems good. I can’t believe they bought supper.
    Do you have neighbours to go too if you need a bath/shower? Or is that weird. Early in our marriage the hot water didn’t work in our mobile trailer/court rental, so we popped over to the neighbours so we could get clean to go to work.
    Wonderful neighbours:-)

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Hopefully this new company will be able to keep up with your useage over the winter … or better yet things miraculously change and we can all go south!

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