Sep 06, 2021

A bit of this and that

Mazatlan and in particular the Isla survived the hurricane. Lots of standing water and flooding in some homes. I have been told that our palapas look good. Of course that is from a distance so we will have to check for holes and leaks once we return, whenever that will be.

I saw Carlie munching on one of the fossils and saw that she was chewing on something. She had managed to get this tiny piece off. It must have been a sliver hanging off a part of the main fossil.

Last Wednesday, September 1st, we had a bit of rush trip to the vet. I kept telling Colin that Ciela had bad breath. That particular morning it was horrible. We checked her teeth and there was what looked like a piece of dental floss ( it wasn’t ) sticking out. I pulled it out, smelled it and almost passed out. Putrid! Just three weeks earlier Ciela had had two baby teeth extracted when she was spayed. The vet did put in dissolving stitches and this piece of ‘string or ?? ‘ was next to stitches in a tooth. Or course we both thought abscess. As an RN I should have put the smell together with the tooth extractions.  Her breath only started to smell about ten days after the surgery. I was convinced she had an infection. I was heading out for some appointments but we made contact with the vets office and found out the he was operating until 1PM. Colin called again at noon and actually was able to speak to the vet and he had Colin come in right away. Dr. Bimal spent a good deal of time examining each tooth and her gums.  He said it was not an infection but that she needed her teeth brushed twice per day. So we are trying that. Somedays are better than others. The thing is that her stitches have still not dissolved, perhaps there is bacteria around them.

As I was away, Colin took both girls and left Carlie in the car on her own. He was in the office with the vet for close to thirty minutes so when Ciela got back to the car Carlie sat right on top of her. Ciela was exhausted and maybe stressed a bit and slept right away.  Carlie missed her so very much and wanted to protect her.  We had been told earlier in the morning that the vet was booked solid until 5PM but the vet took Ciela in at 1PM and delayed the rest of his appointments for the afternoon. Colin said that he was very thorough checking her mouth.  Impressive.

You can see several fire extinguishers on the floor below the passenger seat in the photo above. As he was already in town he took all of our extinguishers in to be checked. Turns out that two were garbage. The insides had hardened and were of no use. One was exchanged for another that they had already serviced and they serviced the other two. So we are down two extinguishers but we feel we have enough with the three that we do have.  It only cost $48.00 for peace of mind. So go get your extinguishers checked. Someone here in the park had a stove top fire last month and neither of her extinguishers worked. Fortunately she had a neighbour who came to the rescue. The fire trucks were very prompt as well.

This drain across the road from us ( and in front of our last home ) was set too high. So when it rained the water never went down the drain and simply created a mini pond that we had to traverse when walking.

Yeah it has been repaired by lowering it and the system works very well. Lots of brute strength was involved. Thank you Chris.

I’m sure that many of you are as tired as we are of hearing “its because of Covid”. That could pertain to some empty shelves in the grocery store, delays waiting for a small purchase like extra freezer baskets, waiting to see a doctor and just having to hold longer online for whatever reason.  Covid has become the excuse for everything including not having enough staff anywhere. Our lawn guy ( Norma used to call hers her lawn boy which I love ) told us last week that there are only so many brass irrigation connectors left in all of the city. His supplier has a box full and you are only allowed to buy two per visit to the store.  Difficult to get jobs done. Colin needed to get new tires on the Jeep as per the incidents we had in July on our small vacation. He called around and no one had tires. Apparently they stopped making tires sometime in 2020. They just started making them again this year. He finally was able to order some in ( made in February ), again all Covid related. Even worse for a neighbour, he really needs new tires for his RV.  Turns out that they are sill not making truck nor RV tires. I ordered a bra and it took four months to come in. My vein appointments are being stretched out over a year because of you know – Covid 😯

I requested mail in ballots for our Federal election. We live in a hot spot so the less we go out and mingle, the better. I was rather surprised  to see each of our envelopes addressed by hand. We have voted and the ballots are in the mail. Hope that Covid doesn’t delay their delivery.

Our tomato patio garden is looking weary because of the heat but we have been very pleased with it. Sadly we have rats eating the tomatoes in our garden. I guess the rats, like the bears, are searching for food. We can blame this on the wildfires.

It seems that they are wrestling every hour. Very often you hear a high pitched yelp. Someone bit or pulled the others ear. However Ciela loves to bite and pull the skin under Carlie’s neck and then she can’t breath and squeals. Ciela is the instigator to these sessions but Carlie can give back if she chooses but she is pacifist for the most part.

Ouch, biting the muzzle. Point to Carlie for this one.

After all the wrestling comes break time. Carlie likes to burrow in the crate.

Ciela chooses the chesterfield.

So many election promises 🙂




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4 Responses to “A bit of this and that”

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    I’m glad Ciela was able to get booked in right away, and that it’s not so serious. Have you seen that video of the doxie brushing his/her own teeth? by holding the toothbrush between their front paws.
    Super cute:-)
    It’s depressing that Covid has become an excuse.
    All the best!

    • contessa says:

      we were very concerned. I still think she might have an infection. We are keeping a close eye on it. No I never saw that doxie video. I don’t think I could get these two to do that.

  2. Croft says:

    I really miss Beau, Norma’s “Lawn Boy”! He would tackle any job around the place. Sadly he moved on to a different job.

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