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Sep 15, 2021

A friend for Gus

Meanwhile back in my world, the girls continue to do what they do best.        


Sep 14, 2021


Our weather has changed. Rain showers in the forecast for the week ahead with cool winds. There is a possible chance of sunshine on Thursday.  Yesterday was clear and warm so it was the perfect day for Colin to go out in the canoe yet again. I suggested he go on his own. But no, […]


Sep 11, 2021

First canoe paddle of the year

I took my first two steps when I head a loud splash. I quickly turned back to the lake and raised my camera. I heard the splash, turned and took a few photos. I thought that only the one dog had fallen in and so I carried on into the house as I assumed that […]


Sep 09, 2021

The lone goose

He stood out because we haven’t had any geese on the lake for several days but he was always there. He did get off his log and paddled around a bit.  But hours later when the flock flew off Gus remained. I am beginning to wonder if he can’t fly. I have seen him swim […]


Sep 07, 2021

Yet another new bed



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