Jul 17, 2021

Last full day in Jasper


Athabasca Falls

These photos were taken on July 14th. We chose to visit two locations that again we had never been to in Jasper.  Nice to see some new areas of the park.


So much power.

The thunder of the falls can be felt through your entire body. Stunning.

A hole carved into the rock by water. Nature is truly amazing.

I could not decided so I put both in.

Aren’t they cute? Al three of them. The girls just love all the new sniffs but do wear themselves out and need a wee rest.

They fall asleep as soon as we get back into the Jeep and sleep deeply until the next adventure.

That adventure turned out to be a climb up to the Mount Edith Cavell viewpoint. Sadly we were dealing with so much smoke.

It was a very long way ‘up’ as in straight up.

We climbed up from down there and there were many many more steps to get to the top.

Cavell Glacier and Cavell Pond.

Angel Glacier higher up to the right. Those are waterfalls from the meting glacier and they did make a roar.

The Cavell Glacier is melting rapidly.

If you look closely you can see me coming up the path ever so slowly. A bit back I had told Colin to go on without me.  I could not get my breath. But I persevered and made it to the top.

Colin worked it out to be a 70 metre climb. That is 230 feet, which for me is a huge stretch  climbing straight up, what with my movement issues.  It was well worth the beyond my comfort zone climb and to sit on that lovely bench and enjoy  the vista.

Then of course we had to walk back down. It was steep enough that I had to take tiny steps on my toes. Amazing how much easier it is to head down.

So ended our time in Jasper. We were both happy to be able to see areas that were new to us and to enjoy how much the girls loved the out of doors. It was time to move on to new experiences.








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