Jul 15, 2021


The day started at 7:30AM and it is now 11:30PM.  We drove 216.4 miles/ 348.3 km. Quickly had to settle in. Yet another RV booking hitch. Girls did great but are bored with travel and not wanting to eat nor do their business.

After our medical appointments we finally headed back to the RV but first stopped at the adjoining off leash dog park. Girls loved to be able to run free for the first time in a week and run they did, as well as some wrestling. Once back here at the RV I discovered that both my cell phone and my handwritten daytimer were missing. After several thorough searches here in the RV and of course the Jeep Colin headed back to the dog park.  I know for certain that I had my phone when we parked. Colin went back threes times, walked everywhere we walked all the while calling my number. So disappointing and we spent time trying to figure out what to do.

Now is a good time to offer me suggestions including how to protect my phone. I also read something about ” go find my phone” app??? To be clear my phone is locked and requires a password to open. It is an iPhone6 ( by choice ) and I only us it to store contact info, text and message friends.  The odd time I make a phone call  😎

Long story short we checked the RV one more time and found them both. They had slid off the recliner and fell under it. I am so fortunate. It was a total fluke that they were found. They might have sat there for a few years. My phone was in silent mode because of my medical appointment.  Meanwhile we tried to call the police but they were closed until 8AM Friday and I did not consider this a 911 emergency although it felt like it at the time. What ever would I do without Colin?

So we just finished our $50.00 take out dinner in which the sauce had congealed. However heating it in the microwave for 40 seconds helped. We bought the food four hours before we finally ate it 😯 It was still very tasty.

No regular blog post tonight. Perhaps I will do two tomorrow or the next day.

11:45PM and I have to change sheets and towels. Definitely a long day. Still living in extreme smoke but we did have a few showers that have left the air feeling so fresh. Perhaps we will have less smoke tomorrow.

Here’s to a smoother day tomorrow.

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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Hubby is sorry he missed your call last night, but yes you can use Find My IPhone to find your phone even if it is in silent mode. The next time we see you he will show you how.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    I lost my phone yesterday. Dave and I looked everywhere we thought it might have fallen out of my pocket. Finally found it. In the wrong pocket. Oops!

  3. Judith says:


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