Jul 13, 2021

We finally arrived in Jasper

Neither of us can remember the last time we were here but it was in this RV and we have had it since 2001. Jasper has changed. Jasper is a National Park with so many unique things to see. The first thing we noticed were the many changes re trees and vegetation.  We drove 134 miles in 2.5 hours which is really good.  Mostly because the twins slept.

We have seen signs of construction all the way from Kamloops. But those were like small roads being built into the bush. This looks like like some serious construction, possibly a pipeline.

Our first glimpse of Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies.  Standing tall at 3954 metres/12,973 feet.  Colin has named this bug on the windshield “the bug that bugged the blog”.

It is called the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The original pipeline began in 1953, the year I was born. An expansion was approved in 2019. Click here to read about the expansion.

We are staying in the Whistlers Campground which looks desolate. It has been closed since October of 2018.  Modernization was required as well as the removal of many trees.

The pine beetle, a native to North American Forests are destroying our trees. Even at home we have seen the destruction. Click here to read about how the destruction comes about. There were so many dead trees here in jasper that it was decided to remove them as the wildfire risk was too high. Which is why Parks Canada has had to redo this campground.

There are no ants and very few other insects. However we wondering if we will see any elk which were known to wander throughout the park.  We have not seen anything yet. Out first visit here years ago we were surrounded by a herd who sat all around us with their babies. It was a unique and special event.We will never forget it.  Have not seen even one elk in two days.

The day we arrived here, yesterday, Monday July 12th was the first day that the park reopened. It is a full service RV park. It was special to be one of the first campers. Of course there was a screw up of our site but we got it sorted out and are in the next site over. This is the reservation that I had to get up at 3AM to book while we were camping in Fort Langley.

The circles are now all pull through.

Colin took the Jeep tire into the only place here in Jasper that does tire repair.  We tried for an hour but their phone just rang busy so he headed out. It was not far away. Seems that a sharp rock sliced the tire. Repair only $45.00.

I have to say that there is a great amount of open space between sites.

We are not setting up a dish to watch TV.  We want to just enjoy nature as it is.  There is no wifi so I have been using my iPhone as a hotspot but even that is not consistent. So basically I am scanning emails and doing my daily blog post.

The girls have a huge amount of space here.

Colin took the girls for a walk where they managed to walk thru some tall grasses. Fortunately I noticed that they had been bit by something. I put some type of creme on Carlie. I really need to get a new first aid kit for the twins. Suggestions are welcome. This did recede over 24 hours.

We really are enjoying our time here despite the heat around 91 -92 F but so dry. Our noses, dogs included, are ever so dry.

Last night we ordered pizza, $48.00.  Jasper is expensive but we were too tired to cook. We were both surprised at how light it as out at 11PM, due to how far north we are. I used to live this far north and I totally forgot. Hard to go to bed at night when it is still light out.



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6 Responses to “We finally arrived in Jasper”

  1. Gene Siesky says:

    Sad to see the deforestation of the Whistler Campground. I was last there is 2002 with the RV, traveling up from Ohio. Is the ski lift still operational? I remember pulling into the campground in 1992 and was welcomed by a bear running across our campsite.

    • contessa says:

      We checked out the other two rv parks here and they also have been cutting down trees. Just doesn’t look the same. Yes the sky tram is still running,, however there is so much smoke in the valley no one would see anything. Love your bear memory.

  2. Sally Poppema says:

    So sad to see. Wow. We were there in 2009 and had an elk bugle right behind our campsite, P30. Laundry in town was $4 a load.

    • contessa says:

      Can you believer that we have not seen one single elk. Unheard of. I can only assume that all this upheaval is keeping them away.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Do you think they walked through some nettles of itch week? I would think it would go away rather quickly.

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