Jun 08, 2021

First camping trip for the girls

We drove a whopping 20.9 miles to Bear Creek Provincial Park in West Kelowna. Our first time time driving the RV in over 15 months. So far everything is working perfectly. The Jeep towed behind as it should. Our only complaint is that it is cold, so very cold. Our first night we went down to 5C and last night we went down to 1.8C/35.2F. We got up to about 68F today and enjoyed sunshine for about three hours.

The girls love to be in the car but were a bit unsettled at first in the RV. We have just driven a few hundred feet and are not at the highway yet.  I don’t need any negative comments on how we are driving with the dachshunds on the dash. We have been doing this since 1999 and we are not being unsafe. They travel this way for just a few moments and then move into their bed and fall asleep. No need to go into all the details re safety, etc

Our site here in Bear Creek which is a hard fight to even get. You can book two months in advance but it is a lottery and if you hit the computer button just right at 7AM on a certain day you win the lottery and get a site. Such a beautiful place and we are here for five nights. Just across the road from us is a couple who also live in our park. The next day we bumped into another couple and their two dogs who also live in Holiday Park. What with Covid we only have so far that we can travel.

Sunday night, our first night, we had friends who are also in the park, for happy hour. However it was very cold with a wind. I have not been taking photos.  It is enough just to keep an eye on the girls every second of the day.

Under that pile of blankets are the girls.  They could not stop shivering. But the weather more or else improved.

The twins did love sitting on the dash in the sunshine when it was there. Very complicated set up safely get them on onto the dash. Too much happening too soon. I will get photos of the set up, we are already on our second one.

FYI, we do not have internet here and I am using my iPhone as a hotpot.  So far so good. But I am not online much at all, actually a welcome break for me.

It is a work in progress setting up an area for the girls. The first night they kept eating everything on the ground, tiny stones, twigs, leaves, etc and of course were sick. Second day we came up with the tarp idea enclosed with the dog pen.

The girls loved it as long as we were right beside them.

The girls love being here, so many sniffs and new things to enjoy around every corner. Many different areas to walk. They show us how happy they are by jumping up and kissing us over and over.  Every day we have another new adventure.






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9 Responses to “First camping trip for the girls”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    I bet it is nice to get out and about. The puppies probably are not appreciating that cooler weather! Zoey gets cold very easily and does not appreciate the cooler weather either.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    Out and about, yay! A huge experiment for both you and the dogs figuring out how this works now. It works however you make it work once you figure out which ways are better than others–like the tarp.

    • contessa says:

      It was easier with an older dog teaching a new puppy. Two new doggies took a good deal of supervision but we made it work.One more short trip coming up to sort it all out.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    I think the girls probably had a great view riding on the dash and I read lot’s of blogs where dogs travel on the dash watching the sites go by. And hey you snuck a picture of me! We are so happy to have you here and are enjoying the happy hours we have spent together 🙂

    • contessa says:

      We certainly enjoyed our frequent small visits with you both. If we could we would be there at least once or twice per month.

  4. phyllis Schmitz says:

    Enjoyed seeing your adventure and will keep watching from my home in Oregon.
    Have been with you a couple years now and love seeing the girls.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for sticking with me Phyllis. There certain Have been many changes over the years. Nice to have doxies in our life again after a four year break.

  5. Dolores says:

    Oh…. It looks so beautiful there! An adventure!!! The girls probably think “what the heck?”

  6. Karen says:

    Lovely what a adventure for them and I for one love the dash our old jack the cat lived on the dash when we drove anywhere he loved the view.

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