Jun 05, 2021

Guess what we are doing?

One of the twins lost a tooth a few days ago.  I have tried and tried using my finger to feel as well as lift the lips but I can’t find who lost the tooth. Oh well, many more loose teeth to come.

Colin and I have been busy this week but Ciela just loves to laze around. Every time that she wakes up she uses her paw to rub her face and ears.

So cute, what else can I say. They love to have a bath and we give them one every 2 -3 weeks. They love the sandbox so much that we are having to use a damp towel to clean them off.  The good thing is that they haven’t dug a new hole in almost a week.

I made three sets of bells, one for the front door and one for the patio door, with a different sound and another for the RV. The plan is to have the pups paw or nose the bell which will bring one of us to open the door.  Each time I open the door I say ” outside ” open the door and let the pups ( always two at a time – they do everything together ) out. I have only been doing this for a full day and tonight Ciela went and rang the patio  bell. We jumped to open the door and say outside.  She then went out and did ‘both”. Yahoo!

Yet another love in. They have a bed at the front porch and also another on the back porch and even sometimes also on the lawn.  Spoiled? Not my kids, this is the norm 🙂

I want to reply to Kim who recently asked….”What are the rocks on the steps for?” They are actually fossils from the area near Drumheller Alberta ( where my father was born – he was allowed to take dinosaur fossils out of the area ) and each of us kids got a few.  I moved mine from the garden area to the steps to stop the pups from trying to jump off the open edge.  We left the one side of the steps open when we built here, so that we could easily load and unload the RV.  So easy to slide things onto the porch and then bring whatever inside.

They love each other so much. Yet when they wrestle and fight and bite each other I can’t bear the yelps of pain. They say that this is normal. Not to me.

Did you know that just yesterday they turned five months old? I can’t believe that we have had them since they were 7 weeks old. Yesterday was rather remarkable, they did everything perfectly. We thought that they they had turned the corner. Not quite as they were bratty today. However it was raining with heavy winds and there was no way they would get a walk. I think that upset them a bit as they have come to love their early morning walks. However no accidents in the house today so that was a bonus.

The sunset last night covered the mountains with an interesting light last evening. As you can see the snow is finally melting.

How can you guess what we are up to?  I never gave you any clues. We have had the RV in the driveway for two days. It was already cleaned so what could we be doing? Not too hard to guess, we are loading for a trip within our provincial health region, so we aren’t going too far. But we will be gone for five nights. This is going to be a huge adventure as it will be the first time the twins travel in the RV and live in it for a short period of time. We are tying to figure out how Colin will drive the RV to the front of the park and I drive the Jeep so we can hook up. We have several scenarios, I guess we will figure it out in the morning.  They were in the RV for a short period of time yesterday and again today. They are puppies and love to chew, my notes, my maps, etc. They did figure out the ramp up to the dash. Smart girls indeed! It is going to be an interesting next few days.  Fortunately it is only an hours drive.  Sadly there is rain in the forecast. So this is going to be an interesting experience. Be sure to check back for the next segment of our escapade.



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7 Responses to “Guess what we are doing?”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    We have talked about bell training Zoey but have yet to actually try it. Keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Linda Sand says:

    When Mom had a new dog, Mom would go to the door and ask, “Do you want to go OUT?” Before long the dog would go to the door and say, “Ow.” I couldn’t believe it until I saw it myself. 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you so so much for your explanation of the rocks on the steps. Much appreciated and very interesting ! Have a great time on your trip : )

  4. Karen says:

    Great photos once again and I do enjoy the comedy of the girls what a handful.

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