May 18, 2021


Doxies do like to sleep on their backs.

And they love to be covered up. We are still warming blankets in the dryer to cover them up with at bedtime.

This is where they sleep at night but they do take naps in their crate during the day.

One thing is that they do move around a good deal while resting.

Our golf cart window is old and discoloured with so many marks on it from age. It has become difficult to see through the plexiglass because of the ultra violet rays.

You can see how yellowed it has become. Here it is doubled down but when cool or windy we have it up full to block the wind.

There was only one new windshield that would fit our cart in all of Kelowna and fortunately Colin was able to locate it. It took both Colin and our neighbour Bob to fit it properly. You can ( with difficulty ) see how much clearer it is – and that is with the protective film still on it. Finally we can see clearly again!

Borrowed lilac blooms from a neighbours trees. So sad that they last less than 48 hours. The scent is intoxicating.

The girls have taken to napping at a newly placed bed next to my desk.

They seem to do acrobatics as they nap. I love watching them move as they sleep. Maybe that is why I don’t seem to get anything accomplished, I am always watching my girls.

We have come to love them so much, except when they are brats.  Our breeder says that at 19 weeks they are simply being teenagers.

Something for dog owners to be aware of.



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8 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    The new window looks great! I really miss my lilac trees and love the smell of them.

  2. Judith says:

    Ah. I just love dog feet. Velvet and leather. Same for cats.

  3. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I missed it by a day. I would watch the babies too – I constantly watch and gush about Buddy and he is not a puppy anymore (he still does darn cute things). Take care!

  4. Karen says:

    Those girls are certainly growing like weeds! Love it, most definitely love the beach pictures they are going to have so much fun in Mexico.

    • contessa says:

      I am surprised at how quickly they are growing. I can hardly wait to get them off leash on the beach in Mexico.

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