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Apr 19, 2021

Yesterday we went to church….

Quite correct for a Sunday except we were there to get our first Covid vaccine injection. I went first at 11:00AM and Colin was booked for thirty minutes later. One of us stayed in the car with the girls. We even found a lovely tree to park under for shade. It all worked out perfectly […]


Apr 17, 2021

They did it

What a week it has been! Today, Saturday the 17th of April at 5:30PM we are enduring 24C/76F, such a wonderful temperature under blue skies 😎 How delightful to feel the heat. We thought that spring would never come. But the past few days we have warmed up bit by bit and today is just […]


Apr 14, 2021

Thought for the Day: Buddha says…The trouble is, you “think” you have time.

I really believe that because I am older now, that the pups are zapping my energy quicker.  We laugh everyday and get wonderful face kisses, not so many cuddles and as they are too busy discovering life. However my to do lists never stop. Last night was the last freezing night, so they say. Colin […]


Apr 10, 2021

Que Pasa

We were treated to a bt of snow this morning. Quite the surprise. Our temps are supposed to rise over the next five days.  However we need to get through tonight first. We are expecting 30% chance of snow flurries or rain showers. I guess it depends how high up the valley you are. It […]


Apr 06, 2021

Spring is slow to come

We have had really nice days but also cool times. We have had frost the last few mornings., -7C/19F. Pretty cold to take the girls out to do their business in the early hours of the day, such as 3:30AM. However yesterday they slept seven hours 😆 I can’t remember that last time I heard […]


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