Apr 29, 2021

The bathtub tap refused to shut off…..

🙁 I have no idea where the hours in my day go but they do disappear fast. I have been trying to write this post since Monday morning and then every evening since. Something involving the dogs or some other issue always pops up. I haven’t had a moment to read nor soak in the tub nor go for a walk on my own ( something  I am trying to restart in my life ).  For instance today I spent close to three hours dealing with both personal and company income tax.  Our information was sent to Vancouver in early March, why the wait?? It did take longer today because we are making a major company change tax wise which should result in our closing down our business within five years. It will save us about $60,000.00 in taxes by doing it this way.

The girls appear to enjoy nature as much as we do.

We did have a long walk today ( 90 minutes ) with the twins and for the first time took them to the off  leash dog park.  It was great for about 10 minutes and then suddenly 15 dogs all appeared within the next five minutes.  The three larger dogs were old and very laid back but two of the smaller ones were beyond wild and Ciela was traumatized and Carlie got chased. We left as soon as reached the gate. They did have some great socialization before it went out of our control.

They watch the flurry of birds that visit our yard.

Then I spent another three hours on the phone with Shaw re our extremely slow to non existent internet speed.  They did a re revision of the modem which resulted in my desktop going from a download speed of 123.1 to 83.9 🙁  They say that now I need to do tests on all four devices several times during the day for 4 -5 days and to call them again 8-O. At this point my situation does not warrant a service call 😥 At the same time our desktop was downloading at 64.3 and the iPad at 87.6. So much frustration.

Lately they have come aware of the geese and the ducks.

So now I am forcing myself to write this post before dinner but not before wine 😉 I actually had made notes for this post and of course they have disappeared.

Last Sunday I was running my bath before dinner, about 8PM.  Yes we are eating much too late these days, always after 9PM or later. Because of the dogs we are trying to get to bed earlier. I suggested to Colin that we start getting ready for dinner and bed about 3PM.  So here it is 7:40PM and I am just getting started. Going to be another late night.  This has been our routine for years and years but with the twins we need to amend it – somehow.

Jesy, our cheerful and very communicative plumber sorting things out. Note the pots on the left to flush the toilet.

Oh yes, back to my bath. While it is running I do some exercises and check the water height every so often. On Sunday night I had two inches to spare. However when I went to shut the water, the faucet would not respond, the water kept flowing. I screamed out to Colin who flew outside barefoot to the back of the house to shut the main water valve.  Meanwhile I reached in and finally found the plug ( a feat for someone with short arms  – it is an oval tub ). The tub water stopped as did the water for the toilet – we had no flowing water for anything including brushing our teeth. Of course we still had not had dinner. There was no water shut off for the tub.  We later discovered where it was.

There is a cartridge in here that has become corroded since 2012.  FYI the hole on the right, with the proper very very tiny Allen wrench is the shut off for the cold water and on the left side is the shut off for the hot water. However you have to take out 6 scews before you get to this point to do the shut off. Good thing we have a master outdoor shut off.  I do need to learn where that is.

Meanwhile we quickly discovered that even though various plumbers offer 24/7 service they do not mean it 🙁  We did get someone to agree to come out at 8AM Monday and they were there at 7:45 AM. Colin had already bathed and my tub water was rapidly cooling so I had my bath.  We kept the water in the tub to use to flush the toilet 💡  We had a fully functioning home again by 4PM Monday, total cost $250.00.

It could be a hidden poop inside, or something eaten that should not have been.

It is now 9:05PM and I have completed this post.  Now I move onto my exercises, bath and then dinner 😯 Hmm going to scrap the exercises.  I just realized that Ihave not eaten since dinner last night.  So bath and food it is.  Stay tuned for new posts, I have eight ready to write ( the photos are already edited ).


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4 Responses to “The bathtub tap refused to shut off…..”

  1. The joy of raising pups is like raising Kids.
    The agony of home and RV ownership.
    Like both the Funnies.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Ouch on the bathtub faucet! Glad it was not too disastrous. Love the pictures of the little puppy monsters looking out the window!

  3. Judith says:

    OK now. You have been much too busy. A whole day without food until a late supper is many hours too many. I do hope you can wind down somehow!! Amazing how the pups have grown. You guys have been taking such good care of them. Here’s to some peaceful days ahead of you! (Ha.)

  4. Judith says:

    P.S. I also intended to say thanks for posting!!

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