Apr 19, 2021

Yesterday we went to church….

Quite correct for a Sunday except we were there to get our first Covid vaccine injection. I went first at 11:00AM and Colin was booked for thirty minutes later. One of us stayed in the car with the girls. We even found a lovely tree to park under for shade. It all worked out perfectly and we even got our preferred vaccine, Pfizer. Did you know that new words have come into our vocabulary during these Covid times? Some of them are rather interesting.  Click here for the link to the article and the top fifteen featured words.

We were at Trinity Baptist Church. I was greeted at the door with someone who pumped sanitizer on my hands and directed me to a check in area to the right. Social distancing signs were everywhere as well as to where to stand. Check in was efficient and quick and I was directed to the line on the right. The white stand at the top mid right held more sanitizer and a person there was handing out two pieces of paper explaining the vaccine, its purpose and of course the side effects along with several other pertinent facts.

Here is where I just came into the grand hall. I asked and there are 35 – 36 nurses who inject a total of 1200 vaccines per day. There are as many tables around the corner to the right. It looks empty as the nurses were rotating though their breaks. When a nurse is ready she will hold up a flag, such as the pink one on the left. As far as I could see it was all female nurses.

I had a lovely Public Health Nurse named Janice. She asked me a number of questions.  Such as, had I ever had a colonoscopy, did I have an allergic reaction to cough syrup, did I have any allergies and what were they, did I have an autoimmune condition, had I ever had a colonoscopy, have I ever had a reaction to other vaccines, have I ever had Covid?  I might have not remembered a few of her questions but she was very sincere and I could tell she was doing this from her heart and really cared. I honestly did not feel the jab at all. I kept waiting for it but I was already done. I later figured out the colonoscopy and cough syrup questions were related to PEG, an ingredient used as a laxative ( ?? cough syrup relation, but it is in cough syrup ) and also an ingredient in the Pfizer vaccine. Okay so it all makes sense now, sort of 😯

Colin has no idea who his injectionist was. She was a table #9 and looked to be in her mid thirties. The first thing she said to Colin was that he was not registered. How did he even get to her after all the checks??  He had all kinds of proper paper work! One the first questions she asked Colin was if he was pregnant or breast feeding!! She said that she had to ask that question, I was not asked that question.  Colin will be 71 in July and is very much a male!!!!! She asked how he was feeling and if he had allergies. That was it. He certainly felt the injection. He jumped. She told him not to pull away. She certainly did not know how to give an injection – in my opinion. Colin said it hurt. She told him that he had solid muscles 🙄

I asked when my second shot would be and Janice said that she had no idea. Colin was told to come back exactly 16 weeks to the day and to the hour. We had a friend here in the park that was injected a few hours earlier than us at the some place on the same day and was told that he would receive a phone call as to when his next injection would be. Who do we believe?  Not to worry I will be doing follow up three months from now. Quite the gong show but at least we have been injected with “something”.

After our shots we were directed to go to a certain area to watch Mr. Bean for 15 minutes, just in case we that we had the one in two million reaction. Really well done.  They were even selling coffee, juice, and muffins and other small snacks while you waited.

The exit was through this very special corridor. We were thanked for coming to get out vaccine. A lovely huge heart and even more sanitizer. Well done.

Look closely.

Right on!! The huge heart was filled with toilet paper.

We both both had sore arms by 7PM.  We took an ibuprofen and slept fairly well. No problems today at all.  Colin’s arm is still slightly sore this evening.




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  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, I Had my fingers crossed that you and Colin would get the Pfizer, just like Croft did. Beach and I also got the Pfizer vaccine. Everything I’ve read about it has been great. Pfizer has also prepared for the roll out of the booster needed at the end of the one-year period. You and Colin can receive your second Pfizer shot in as little as three weeks. Hope the nurse gave you a card or a piece of paper indicating date you had your Pfizer shot, vial number, location, and nurse signature. Take that card/paper with you when you return in three weeks, and the nurse will complete the card for you. Why is the card so important? When people who have been completely vaccinated decide to travel throughout Canada or outside Canada, this is proof for an official travel card to be issued and you would keep it with your Passport. In the US, that is what I read and hear happening in order to move around. You will even use it to be permitted to go to a movie or see a football game. The people who have proclaimed themselves to be anti-vaccers will not be allowed to participate in those things. It is a way to apply a little fiction to encourage the anti-vaccers to get the shots.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    That is just weird. We have to be back in 3 or 4 weeks depending on whether you get the Phizer or the Moderna shot. I have not heard anything with a 16 week timeline.

  3. Sandie says:

    I don’t understand the delay in the second shot. I got the pfizer and had the second shot three weeks later. Very strange. I had a nurse that didn’t know how to give a shot for my second one. So I’m sure Colin’s arm did hurt. So happy you have your first shot and will be much more protected now.

  4. Jannose says:

    Canada is the only country delaying the 2nd shot to 4 months as we had a shortage and they wanted to get most adults their first shot. So yes you have to wait 4 months unless they get more before then.

  5. Our injections were eight days apart and neither of us felt it. We were told they would send us an E-mail when our second shot would take place in Sixteen Weeks.
    Peanuts says it all.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      How wonderful that neither of you felt the jab!! Fingers crossed that we all get that second shot in 16 week.

  6. The vaccination procedure here in Ontario went similar, but the nurse practitioners that gave the shots were very good in my opinion. We got printouts with the vaccine given and all necessary info on it. When and where the next shot is given was not printed out but we were told it would be in 4 months. Lets hope that happens.

  7. livingrichonthecheap says:

    I got the pfizer and was told 4 months but that they would contact us….who bloody knows but glad you two got your shots. Still trying to get hubby his shot. He qualifies for Astro Zeneca but they’ve not given it to many pharmacies on the island and the closest is Nanaimo (I’ve registered, he will drive if we can get him an appointment)

  8. Rod and Sylvia says:

    Trinity is where Sylvia and I volunteer every Friday afternoon. She does the station where you get directed to a Nurse, and I gather you up after the shot and point you to the chairs to watch Mr. Bean.
    It’s both sad and hilarious that you get 3 different answers to the same questions. Nobody really knows what the next round will look like. I keep telling folks to watch the news, as that’s where the most current info is distributed.
    We certainly don’t know.

  9. Maxx Trails says:

    Congratulations on getting vaccinated, I’m still waiting to make my appointment and hubby goes on May 4th. I will go with him and hope to get mine as well. I love the toilet paper heart 🙂

    • contessa says:

      Since they have changed the system where you need to register online they are no longer allowing spouses to be added at the last minute. So I was told. Good luck to you.

  10. SandyM says:

    Yea, first shot under your belt….well….in your arm! That is so good. We both have had the vaccination and hoping by January 2022 we will be able to travel to Mexico but who knows for sure.

  11. Judith says:

    Well, wahoo. You’ve got the first one! So you are already getting immunity. Spacing shots is being looked at in a lot of places, sounds like you’re in one of those, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve had the two Modernas, and the second one resulted in fever of 101 for a day and feeling crappy, but I am glad I did it. Hard to get used to the idea I don’t have to be so scared anymore.
    If Colin is pregnant at age 71, call Guiness book of records! Sounds like he got a really inexperienced person. I’m not using the word dumb, here.

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