Apr 17, 2021

They did it

What a week it has been! Today, Saturday the 17th of April at 5:30PM we are enduring 24C/76F, such a wonderful temperature under blue skies 😎 How delightful to feel the heat. We thought that spring would never come. But the past few days we have warmed up bit by bit and today is just perfect. We are seeing so many song birds and are enjoying their musical repertoire. However just a week ago we were woken by helicopters at 5:30AM, flying about to try and keep the cherry blossoms from freezing. It was -4C/23F. I am certain that the orchardists are welcoming this spring weather.

So with spring upon us it was time to put away all of our winter gear.  Hopefully we won’t be using it next winter. There are 68 empty hangers here, mostly from my spring and summer wardrobe.

The clothes that were in my closet are now on their way to a thrift store. Covid was not kind to me.

The other day we received a gift in the mail which actually was doxie related. Is it any wonder that the twins felt the need to check out the package? Those are their new harnesses, yes neon colours. They have both outgrown the first set of harnesses that I had purchased.

This past Wednesday Carlie graduated from puppy school.

As did Ciela. Don’t they look cute?

We didn’t learn too much but we did acquire a few points. I still haven’t decided if I will complain or not. The thing is PetSmart will  re offer the same class at no charge but with the same instructor. Not worth our energy.

It feels like we are back to square one. A year ago we were doing so well compared to now.


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4 Responses to “They did it”

  1. Sandie says:

    Congrats babies for passing your training. Our Scooter got an F. I love your new harnesses and how bright they are. The pups are really beginning to look like doxies. The nose grows.

    • contessa says:

      An F!! Gosh out kids certainly did not do everything correctly. I think it was a bit of a Petsmart ploy to get us to tell others to go there for training be cause they get to ‘graduate’. Still it was cute with the caps.

  2. You are not alone with the Covid Pounds.
    Glad to see the pups are being well educated.
    You are right. Things were better last spring especially now with the Variants going around.
    Like the posters.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      They may have been educated but now they have to apply what they learned:) I fell so badly for you both, it must be difficult to be in lockdown yet again.

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