Apr 10, 2021

Que Pasa

8:45 AM April 10th, 2021.

We were treated to a bt of snow this morning. Quite the surprise. Our temps are supposed to rise over the next five days.  However we need to get through tonight first. We are expecting 30% chance of snow flurries or rain showers. I guess it depends how high up the valley you are. It is gong to be a very cold night for the twins tonight, -7C/19F. Plus freezing overnight temps for the following three nights. Mind you last night they slept for seven hours:) So did we!!

It did not stay long but what a surprise.

Colin is slowly getting the garden ready. Doing a few repairs, cleaning up some of last seasons mess. Then of course he has to come up with a new fence and gate due to that tree falling into our site in February. Click here for that post.

The tomatoes plants are really growing. Some from the nursery which are getting big and some from seeds. Last year we started planting peas, beans, kale, carrots and beets on April 13th. Much too cold this year, we will wait a good week.

Their play time was interrupted. It is very apparent that Ciela’s tan dots over her eyes are fading. This is making it easier to tell them apart.

Here they are sharing a small puppy nylabone chew.

The Province of BC has been opening up more appointments for vaccine injections to various ages and Colin was eligible this past Tuesday. The first local ( Lake Country ) spot was April 27th. Yesterday I received an email that I was eligible to make an appointment. I would have had to wait until May 4th to get in. So I checked the Kelowna injection locations and we were both able to get in on April 18th. So I booked mine online and then called to cancel Colin’s appointment on the 27th and was able to book him on the 18th as well.  He could have had the slot five minutes behind mine but because of the dogs we made it a 30 minute interval. This way one of us will be with them in the car.  Soon it will be time to start leaving them on their own, ten minutes here and there and eventually longer each time.

We are trying to get them to eat out of their own dish. As puppies the three siblings ate out of one large dish and they keep wanting to eat what the other has. I am trying to keep track of how much each is eating. This set up did not work. As of a few days ago one is eating in this location and the other is directly to the right in the bathroom and we do keep the fence between them. Today they each went to their seperate area waiting for dinner to be served. Progress.

On April 3rd, we had our first beaver sighting this spring. It was a quick run out of the door, point and shoot photo. So nice to know that our beaver is still here.

They love to run around the yard. Fortunately they have no idea how to go down stairs, either here  down to the beach or from the house to the ground. We are not showing them how to do it. They already figured out how to climb up, it just happened. We prefer that they use the ramp, which they do very well and ever so quickly. Much better for their backs long term.

Is this ever going to end?

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14 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. Sandie says:

    You have snow and our temps are in the 90s. Strange. The plants all look so healthy. Lots of good stuff to come out of the garden. The twins are adorable. They make my heart happy.

    • contessa says:

      It is an unusually cold spring for us with a very cold wind. We are looking forward to working on the garden. I am so happy that the photos give you a lift.

  2. Nice seeing the pups learning to fend for themselves and what is expected of them.
    Hoping to see your temperatures on the rise fairly soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your garden.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Our girls really re rather smart and are open to the training. However there are some areas that drive us nuts. But then they are only 14 weeks old.

  3. Judith says:

    You have had your days (and nights) full with those pups. Nice they are adapting to separate feeding. Very glad to hear you are both getting your vaccines!

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Good to see that you were able to get your appointments scheduled. They opened South Dakota up to everyone over 16 but we are not going to be here long enough to get the second shot so we are going to have to wait.

    • contessa says:

      I think we all are going to have to be creative to get out shots in. Here in Canda we are having to wait four months before the second shot.

  5. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Glad you got your appointments. I had one (I got the special immune-compromised letter) for April 22 but then took Mom to her vaccine appointment April 6 and they had double booked her by accident. As I qualified to get mine Mom asked if I could have the 2nd appointment and they gave it to me so I cancelled my later one. So only hubby to get his but at 58 he has a ways to wait now.

    • contessa says:

      So glad you got yours. My friend here ( cancer ) took her hubby with her and asked if he could get his and they agreed. Are they not doing the 55 -65 local pharmacy vaccines on the Island?

  6. Sharon says:

    Glad things are leveling out a bit and everyone is adapting. You have had a bit of a chaotic run. I enjoy seeing all the fun you are having with your sweet little ones. Keep the fun times coming and enjoy your summer in your lovely home.
    Take care.

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