Apr 03, 2021

March 29th was a significant day for us

The twins are keeping us so busy that we have very little knowledge of what is happening in the world nor with Covid. Not 100% accurate but we have almost no free time.  They remember everything and trust me they know exactly where to go should we leave an area unblocked. I cannot believe how intelligent they are. They are like sponges soaking everything up. They are growing on a daily basis not only physically but also mentally.

This is their bed in the crate. Somehow they have burrowed under the yellow blanket which is tightly covering the dog bed ( this one belonged to our last two girls ).  Burrowing is a new thing.

So that in part is why I have not posted in over 7 days. Certainly a record for me as somehow I manage to get posts out while we traveled in Europe. I also am feeling my age. As most of you know I am still receiving massage and chiropractic treatments as a result of being rear ended November 2nd, 2019.  Just this past March 19th ( Friday ) I was given new exercises to help strengthen my back. After two days I was in pain and I couldn’t sleep due to the pain in my arms and shoulders. Fortunately  I was able to get in to see the chiropractor on the 24th ( Wednesday ) and she really did make a difference although I still had pain. I was told that the exercises I had been give were much too advanced for me. On Friday, March 26th I got what I thought was a great massage to soothe my joints and muscles. I could barely get off the table and drive home 😯 The intense pain returned.  So I was out of commission for twelve days.

They really love to snuggle for naps. As you can see their noses are slowly getting longer.

I could not do anything. I could not pick up the girls, nor make meals.  We ate a lot of take out. Colin took Ciela to puppy class on Wednesdays and Carlie on Thursdays.  I was only able to sit as typing set my shoulders and arms into spasms of pain. I felt better yesterday ( April 1st ) and went for a family walk. I managed that but suffered for it all evening. I couldn’t even let my bra straps touch my shoulders. Today I am a tad better.

We call this their patio bed. They sleep in the sun often and just watch the lake.

So there you have it folks, the reason I have not been posting. Zip as in nada energy. You can ask Colin, everyday I said that I had to do a post no matter what, but between my body and various things happening I was unable.

They taught themselves in one afternoon how to go up our outside stairs and hence to jump up onto my exercise machine. We are not teaching them how to go down. We are trying to avoid stairs re future back issues.

This has become an early morning sunbathing area.

As well we had to deal once again with no propane delivery on the 31st which meant a long weekend with only 34% propane in our tank. It took me an hour on the phone but I did get a delivery today. Otherwise I would have not been able to use the oven, too much hot water nor do laundry re the dryer. Fortunately it has warmed up enough that we are no longer using the fireplace for heat several hours per day ( the girls love to lay under it ). Oh and then we had a problem with the fireplace and the tech was here for awhile.  However as he directed Colin to do all the dirty work (clean up all the soot), his bill was a bit less. I almost forgot, we also had the window cleaner here for the first time since last September, the windows now sparkle. The girls really did well with all these different people in the house.  I penned them into a smaller area and they went with the flow.

Over the past few weeks Colin has been pulling things out and setting up our yard.

He had to take time out to solder our mini fence lights that Ciela managed to chew through. We can’t be  everywhere although we try. All is working again.  However I had to get after her the other day as she was trying again. They are responding to us better this week, especially the ‘off’ and ‘no’.

We have  been without a landline phone for over a month now. I’m sure I addressed this in past blogs but long story short, the phone lines which were laid in the dirt over 46 years ago, have disintegrated. I have to say that Telus has been able to keep us going for the past two years with a variety of repairs. We have lived here since 2003 with mostly no issues. It took many calls to Telus in the past month on my part and from Colin as well to come to a solution.  With the permission of the park here, we had a conduit installed through two sites onto  our property. We actually paid the park to do the work, hopefully they will keep to their $200.00 quote.  Colin moved all the rocks along the patio so that helped keep the cost on the low side. That was completed today so now we have to wait for Telus to come and install a brand new telephone line for us. Hopefully within the next seven days. This will be at no cost to us so we have been told. Don’t bother with suggesting this and that. We love the system we have because when we are traveling, even in Mexico or Europe, when our phone rings here ( both the business and the personal lines ) if the caller leaves a voice message it comes directly through to our online voicemail.  That is how we got through these past weeks by being aware of emails indicating a phone call. A special thank you to Rod for sharing his expertise with us.

You see this type of thing in cartoons and on TV a lot.

First time in twenty years that this had happened to us.

It has happened a few more times. We have been trained to not let the the toilet paper dangle even an inch:)

So as you can see it has been a frenzied past few weeks. I want to thank those that reached out gently to make sure that we are alright. My apologies to Gramma Katie who finally set a fire under me.  She emailed me yesterday and later Colin to remind me that we have not posted since March 25th. She is missing her daily “Chokolade  news”. We love you very much Katie and Louie. Please excuse my not replying to your email but instead writing this post for you. Katie has been Gramma to our previous four doxies.  And of course she is Gramma to the chocolate twins.  Surprise to you both, you will be meeting your new grandpups between June 20th and 23rd when we come to Vancouver 😀  We are coming in the RV and staying in Fort Langley for four nights.  So if any of our friends want to meet up send me an email. Gramma Katie gets first choice of date.

The latest chew toy is Colin’s shoes.

So back to March 29th. It was four years ago this past March 29th that we said goodbye to Carmeh and Caeli. I am still crying as I type this. We miss them so much. But also on March 26th our ‘chocolate stash’ turned 12 weeks.  They have been with us now just over five weeks. Our hearts have been opened to them and we love them so much. They are unique not just because of their colour and the fact that they are twins, having the same mother and father. There is something so very particular. Watching these siblings grow and interact with each other and ourselves is truly fascinating.  Hopefully in the weeks to come I will be able to describe some of the things we observe.

Our last photo on March 28th, 2017 with Carmeh and Caeli.

A lovely evening last Thursday the 25th.

Thanks for sticking with me and the girls.

Sent to me by a blog reader. I love this. Anyone know where I can find a few.

Another blog reader send me this as a suggestion to put under our RV steps in Mexico. I love the carpet but not the price. Don’t you think it is the cutest?

Please get your vaccine when you can.  And then please continue to stay safe until is it the right time to take off your mask.  We still are not able to get our shots, hopefully in a few weeks.




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16 Responses to “March 29th was a significant day for us”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, you sure have your hands full! Two more weeks until we get our baby! Hope your pain goes away soon and you are back to doing everything you want.

    • contessa says:

      Ha, just wait until you wee one arrives. I am so wanting to be more mobile. Doing the best I can right now. I am also doing my exercises everyday.

  2. annette says:

    Thanks for the updates. Your two babies are so cute. Hope you get relief from your back pain. Hugs from Texas.

  3. Sorry to read of your physical pains but some could be caused by Arthritis in the joints.
    Tylenol makes a tablet special for that. I had to use it Three Nights in a row and have not had a problem since.
    Love following the antics of the puppies as they grow.
    That last placard says it all.
    Wishing you both a Safe and Happy Easter.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Happy that you are enjoying the pups. It could be joints but I fear it is related to the car wreck we were in.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Sure hope you are feeling better soon Contessa! The puppies are growing fast and still so cute 🙂

  5. Brenda Lee Carrier says:

    I’m a bit late, but congratulations on your twins! They are the cutest little pups. I so love the toilet paper picture. I’m hoping that you find some relief of your pain. Hope your having a happy Easter and looking forward to your next blog and the antics of your new babies.

  6. Dolores says:

    So glad all is relatively well, and hope u r feeling better soon!!!
    Puppies are great! So so cute!

  7. Cindy says:

    Happy Easter to you all! Read your post and sorry to hear you have been in so much pain! Hope you are feeling better!

    Oh my word the pics of the girls are just so darn cute! They are such characters and the toilet paper pictures are great!

  8. Catheline says:


    I was starting to worry about you. I was really missing your post and hoping nothing was wrong. So sorry to hear of your pain and I pray relief is not far away. Thank you for forcing yourself to write, I was missing the girls too. Your photos show that two is so much better than one. I can’t imagine those two beautiful sisters separated.

    Love reading your blog,

    • contessa says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. It has just been somewhat overwhelming. Dealing with the pups takes more energy that I have. Today was a better day.

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