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Apr 06, 2021

Spring is slow to come

We have had really nice days but also cool times. We have had frost the last few mornings., -7C/19F. Pretty cold to take the girls out to do their business in the early hours of the day, such as 3:30AM. However yesterday they slept seven hours 😆 I can’t remember that last time I heard […]


Apr 04, 2021

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter

For those who missed my recent ‘catch up’ post please click here. Sharing a few random photos. Some are related to the last post.


Apr 03, 2021

March 29th was a significant day for us

The twins are keeping us so busy that we have very little knowledge of what is happening in the world nor with Covid. Not 100% accurate but we have almost no free time.  They remember everything and trust me they know exactly where to go should we leave an area unblocked. I cannot believe how […]