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Mar 15, 2021

More Que Pasa

Gosh some days are going by so swiftly. Some days we take hundreds of photos and other days only a few. I went back to March 1 and discovered so many photos that I had missed. Life just keeps happening and there is not enough time.  Puppy potty training is going very well. Most mistakes […]


Mar 11, 2021

A very bad start…..

Yesterday was the first night of six puppy classes. I am going to the one hour 4PM class with Ciela on Wednesdays, the youngest by 90 minutes and the smallest. Colin is staring tonight, Thursday, with the 6:45PM class and with Carlie. I would rather not have to drive in the dark.  It is 6:40PM […]


Mar 09, 2021

Que pasa

Our home is a constant flurry of activity. Thanks to all who have left comments on the past few posts. I plan on getting back to answering all comments once again. Unless something unexpected happens 😯 These photos were taken a week ago and they have grown since them. Some days they are not interested […]


Mar 07, 2021

Some sad news

Many of my long time readers have heard about my dear friend Libby. I have known her for over 49 years. We met while we were in nursing school back in 1971. It was shortly after nursing school that it was discovered that Libby had MS.  That never stopped her as she remained fiercely independent. […]


Mar 05, 2021

Ten steps ahead of us

The girls are picking new things up everyday. They definitely like to be mentally stimulated and challenged.  So if any of you have any suggestions on how to entertain a puppy, never mind two, please share. They are also growing.  They were never weighed because of Covid and having to see the vet for the […]


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