Mar 22, 2021

Some fun photos

Back on March 13th we were trying to get them used to their harnesses so had them play outside with them on. Sadly they have already grown out of these lovely very expensive harnesses recommended for doxies. They are growing so very fast. The toy they are playing with belonged to our first two girls many years ago.

Colin donated an old leather belt that he no longer wears. They love chewing on it. They somehow end up wrapping themselves up in the belt. Taken March 12th.

On the same day they decided to start playing while laying on their backs. Great for belly rubs which of course they both love.

I decided to get two toy boxes and to switch the toys around every few days. Seems that being in the box is the most fun.This was taken on March 13th.

This is their new cat tunnel which they love, perhaps too much. They go crazy with this thing. Also taken March 13th.

They get bored  so easily. However sometimes they get over excited and we have to intervene. Easy to see dark chocolate ( Carlie ) and milk chocolate ( Ciela ).

On March 15th Colin gave them a carrot  from our outdoor storage area to give them something new to do. And the race was on.

They even managed to carry it to up the ramp together. They eat half of it before I took it away. Now that was a great treat and a fun run.

Everyday they are discovering new things. We have no idea how on the 15th of March, the day they turned 10 weeks old they managed this feat. Colin was changing the blanket on the bed when they took over their crate.

Every day is different than the previous 😀

Today they turned 11 weeks old and laying on their back is now a favourite position.





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8 Responses to “Some fun photos”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like they love their new tunnel! I can just imagine how they run around it like crazy.

    • contessa says:

      That tunnel is crazy. It does wind them up so they only get it every few days.We can'[t stop laughing while they are playing.

  2. Louise Sherwin says:

    Love all the photos and comments of your puppies. They are so much fun to see. Keep the posts coming.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for checking in. I will do the best I can. My energy level is low these days but I will post as it is a great record for us in the years to come.

  3. Catheline McNeil says:

    Those two babies are so lucky to have you and Colin as their Mom and Dad. They are so loved, looks like they will never want for anything.

    Love reading your blog,


  4. Linda Sand says:

    I can imagine how great that belt felt on their developing teeth. Good choice Colin.

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