Mar 04, 2021

This and that

We were about two hours away from our first overnight stop last week on our way to pick up our chocolates, when I received a text. The wind here was coming from the west ( never happens ) and knocked a panel out of our fence. It was repaired just hours before we got back home last Wednesday.

Colin is getting better at figuring out which dog is which but we both still get mixed up numerous times a day. They have been here just over a week and we are seeing daily changes.  It is amazing how fast they grow and how their individual personalities are developing. They still prefer to do things together but we separate them often and take turns playing with them. Sometime they nap in separate beds but not often. A few times we have had to put them into their crate with the door shut so that they rest.  They don’t know when to stop. We are leaning to make good use of their nap time to get our things done. The best thing I ever did was to precook two weeks worth of meals so that we were free to be there for the twins.  One of us is always watching them when they are awake.

Late last Thursday before dark we saw some birds far out on the lake. We were too busy with the girls to pay attention. Then Friday morning about 10AM I noticed the gathering. The eagles and a few other birds were feasting a carcass, likely a deer. At one point there were six baldheaded eagles there.

Shortly thereafter a coyote appeared and ate directly beside the eagles. An amazing show of nature.

Six hours alter there was not much left. By Saturday morning was all gone. Someone here in the park got some awesome shots but they are not mine to share. He was closer to them and had different lenses.

We found out that the third pup ( of the litter ) who we really came to like when we were there, was not picked up. The adoptive parents changed their minds but our breeder had some else in Edmonton who took her just a few days ago. Apparently she missed our two so badly that the breeder could not stand the crying all night and finely put her in with her mom. The good news is that she will have an older sister ( two years ) who also came from the same breeder.That will make the transition much easier for her. Who knows perhaps we will meet her in one of our trips to Edmonton.

The lake began to melt and then we had below freezing temps along with a few light snow flurries.  So pretty.

They are getting closer in length everyday.

I broke out the teething rings.  I do think that they are teething. But what do I know?  They certainly like to chew, including whatever I am wearing.



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10 Responses to “This and that”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    That was an amazing picture of the coyote with the birds, I never knew they would be comfortable that close together.

  2. Amazing Nature Shots.
    The ice could be becoming Thin (Unsafe).
    Hope they don’t chew up your shoes when you leave them behind. (Separation Anxiety)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      It will be a long while before they are left alone. The think is we very seldom left our other dogs ( for over 20 years ) alone more than 4 hours.

  3. Nancy & Doug B says:

    So fun with the puppies!! I know when our Scottie had 6 puppies (yikes) in 1994, our friend, who was the President of the Scottish Terrier Club of Canada, had us put just a wee touch of different colour nail polish on the nape of their necks. Certainly helped to sort them out!!

    Love the stories – keep ’em coming!!

    • contessa says:

      Nail polish is an interesting idea but I don’t think we could do it.

      • Doug & Nancy B says:

        You just use the tiniest bit, a little nick really, up by their shoulders and it just wears off their coat and it
        isn’t touching their skin. Worked for us when there were 6 little black Scottie blobs! Have fun!!

        • contessa says:

          Actually they have so changed so much in the past few days that we are able to tell them apart mote and more.

  4. Judith says:

    What a nursery you have had going there! And after a long trip. Yes. bring out the teething rings. Whatever. I am filled with awe at your energy and enthusiasm for this. They ARE awfully sweet/cute/AWW inspiring.

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