Mar 03, 2021

Home a full week.

Last Sunday the 21st, the day before we left to pick up the twins, we saw another first on the lake.

Kite surfing! They were using skis.

Passing others who were ice fishing.

The wind seems to be just what they needed.

Obviously it takes a good deal of strength. There are three of them all over the lake. As you can see the ice was getting soft.

The girls really enjoy playing with their toys.

The following are shots that Colin took with my camera while I was doing that six minute what I call ballet video.

I had to lighten each photos you calls see them.

So fun what they so with their paws. They have very energetic play and this relaxed slow moving interaction.

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  1. Lynn Beman says:

    Hi Contessa – The little girls are just adorable. I know 1st-hand just how busy they can keep you because almost 10 yrs ago we were raising 2 littermates after their mother was killed during the C-Section. I had bred her and had planned on keeping only 1 puppy to show, but… Anyhow, with my years of breeding dogs I knew that raising littermates together is not a “great idea” unless you have a pack of other dogs who can help them learn. Still, we wanted to keep these 2… so… I did some reading up on doing this, understanding the challenges, and wanting to help them grow up to be bonded to US first and then to the sister. I followed Patricia McConnell’s advice. She is a well-known behaviorist whom I had heard speak several times at dog club meetings. Her advice is sensible. I know you and Colin have years and years of experience with dogs (as did I) but we found the challenge of having 2 rambunctious puppies in the house together almost overwhelming at times, especially since we were so used to having older dogs. Some nights our little girls got so wound up that they had to have time-outs in their separate crates. That helped a lot. I also took them to separate obedience classes. My husband or I walked one or the other, leaving 1 home, or took 1 to the store with me while her sister was home with my husband. It helped that we sleep in separate rooms, so 1 slept with me (and became “my dog”) and the other slept with Donald — and is his faithful loyal girl. Yet they are also fiercely bonded with each other, but there is no anxiety when 1 has to go to the vet: the sister at home is fine. Hope you don’t mind this unsolicited advice. Check out McConnell’s article: google “Adopting Littermates..” I am so happy for you both that you have these adorable bundles of love and joy in your lives after loosing the other 2 so close together. I know that heartache all too well. Can hardly wait to see more photos of them growing up! Now how do you tell them apart?

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Lynn. I really do appreciate your comments. When we purchased the twins we had no idea about the littermate syndrome. I was interviewing a trainer and that is how I first heard about it. Of course since then I have done a good deal of research. We have decided that they will do separate puppy classes. Colin with one on Wednesday and myself with the other on Thursdays. And just for the heck of it we might switch out who is taking which pup. From day one they have been doing their business outside and go to the door when they need to go out. Sometimes we might be distracted and the accident is our own fault. We have only had them here 8 nights. Often they go out separately. They do sleep together but often nap in separate beds by choice. So far we take them out separately for a walk daily, held in our arms as they are too young to walk on a leash. I stay here with the other pup and slip out just before Colin gets back so they have had at least 30 -40 minutes apart. We will walk them together as well as separately when we get to that stage. They are meeting other dogs and many people who hold them and they fall asleep with them. The only issue is the playing. They have nice quiet play time together where they ‘talk’ to each other and at least once per day they have a rowdier play session which can escalate in volume. There are small yelps here and there which is normal but if it becomes too much we distract them and they stop. Only a few times have they got out of hand and just keep going. They are over tired and need to be put down for a nap like a child. So far we are doing very well. I truly appreciate your advice and welcome any further input. I also did read the article. Fortunately we are here all day so we can work with them. Colin had one pup out today for an hour while the other stayed inside to nap. Another day he will take the other one out. Our greatest problem is to get them to wear their harness. They both dislike it. We will do two seasons per day for a bit to get them used to the harness.

      As to telling them apart we are working on it.

  2. Watching puppies in their learning stages is always amusing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Dolores Tanner says:

    uh-oh… sweetness overload!!!!

  4. Hi Contessa and Colin,
    While I observed the interaction of the pups in our three litters, I noticed that some pups played differently with their siblings. They knew who they needed to be more gentle with and who they could rough up. Raising siblings/twins depends on your behavior towards them also. The above mentioned warning from Lynn made me curious and I found Trishe‘s blog with the post about raising siblings. Below is her article.

    Your pups look to be well adjusted and happy. Have fun together!

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Marlene for finding the link to the article for me. What amazes me is that these two have gentle as well as more rowdy wrestling sessions each day. I have just recently come to realize that it is up to us to stop them from going on and on. They don’t realize that they are tired and need to stop. One of us is with them 90% of the time supervising their play time. Hopefully we are going to make it work.They are so special in that now they come and find us to tell us that they have to go out.

  5. Linda Sand says:

    The right hand puppy seemed to not like your music since she kept putting her paw over her ear. 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    They are just so darn cute! David just said maybe we should get a dog again. If that’s the case I would want an English bull dog I love them they are so ugly that makes them cute lol, but I saying no! We are petless and this does make travel plans a heck of a lot easier.

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