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Mar 25, 2021

A year ago today…..

…we crossed into Canada after a very long driving day. We had rushed to Canada from Mexico because of Covid. You can read my post here of our arrival into Canada.Who would have thought that here we are a full year later still wearing masks and having to follow restrictions?  It was just a few […]


Mar 24, 2021

Isla sunset and March calendar photo

Special thanks to Sue who is still walking the Isla beach every morning for this soul stirring sunset, taken tonight.This is one of the things that I miss the most.


Mar 22, 2021

Some fun photos

Every day is different than the previous 😀        


Mar 21, 2021

Wiggly wiggly piggly

As they grow they have become so squirmy. Colin can no longer take two out at a time. The one left behind now barks at the injustice at being left behind. Their personalities are beginning to emerge. Sadly at puppy class last Wednesday one of Ciela’s back paws got stepped on by one of the […]


Mar 19, 2021

Every day is different

Gosh the days are just flying by.  And the twins are looking less and less like twins. Carlie the dark one is longer and has larger bones while Ciela remains petite. Her tan makings are a different colour than her sisters. However they remain attached to each other. If one won’t eat then neither will […]


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