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Feb 22, 2021

A much longer than anticipated day!

Once we got our personal things into the Jeep it was rather full with just enough room for two munchkins. The drive was 812 km and was supposed to take just over 9 hours. We left at 6:30AM and arrived at 7:00PM our time. 12.5 hours on the road. We stopped three times for fuel […]


Feb 21, 2021

A busy weekend

We have yet to put our personal items in the Jeep. We will be on the road for three days and two nights.      


Feb 19, 2021

So many things happening

Tuesday morning I discovered that our landline was not working.  This happens a few times per year. Usually it is something to do with our wiring located in a cistern two lots over. Often it is filled with water and creates our phone problem. Thursday was the first day that they could come, between 5 […]


Feb 18, 2021

February Calendar photo

One of our top experiences, early October 2018. Many more photos, click here.


Feb 16, 2021

Que pasa

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. You have made us even more excited. How many toys should they have?  I don’t think we have enough.  Today, at six weeks plus one day they were checked by a vet and got their first shots and deworming. They are ready for their first road trip […]


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