Feb 28, 2021

Our sweet girls

The twins are keeping us so busy that we have very little knowledge of what is happening in the world nor with Covid. I truly have no idea that two pups would wear us out this much. The thing is that what we do now affects our futures with them.  The smallest of things needs to be done correctly. They remember everything and trust me they know exactly where to go that they should not because we left an area unblocked. I cannot believe how intelligent they are.

In a nutshell the biggest thing is us getting some sleep at night.  Sorry but I just can’t continue, my eyes are burning looking at the computer screen plus they are waiting for me to feed them.  More details another day…..

We took this video yesterday. These are the sweetest moments that we have ever had in the twenty years that we have had doxies.  They are so laid back. Please turn your volume up to full as the few noises that they make need to be heard.  Also if you can make the image a full screen.  Sorry but this is six minutes long but worth every second if you are an animal lover. They are so innocent. More dialogue next post as I can only open the one eye ( too tired ).



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7 Responses to “Our sweet girls”

  1. Trish says:

    Thanks for the video! They are very precious!

  2. Sandie Dixon says:

    They are so beautiful. But what a handful. I have said for years that we would never get a puppy because we don’t have the energy for them. However, there is nothing sweeter than babies and puppies so I am really loving yours.

  3. Gail Kelly Florence says:

    I can definetly see the advantage of having 2 puppies.
    They sure are cute.

  4. They will definitely fill your days with excitement.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  5. I enjoyed your video. They are both adorable. Now you know how things went in our house, just imagine having a full litter rolling and jumping around. You keep having fun and we understand if there is little time to write blogs.

  6. Karen& Dave says:

    soooo cute!!!We love them! Can’t wait till one gets in trouble and blames it on the other lol what great joy you have with your precious babies and our joy of watching them, such fun!!!

  7. Dolores says:

    Watched the whole thing, they are quite vocal, huh? So cute…. you know i distinctly remember 15 years ago, getting up at all hours to pee Luci and waiting for her to find just the right spot, that i would NEVER do that again, that i just wanted to sleep at night! i am sure i did things wrong during that time is why i now have a time with her whining and getting her way much of the time, after all i am just here to do her bidding…. but, saying tht, they are the sweetest little things, i can almost smell the puppy smell of them… :)))

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