Feb 24, 2021

Wind damage

Just before Christmas there was a significant windstorm. A huge tree came down in the garden area.

Some plots were damaged and others were not. Ours was, we are right of the  black iron gate in the middle of this photo.

As you can see the front area of our garden was smashed.

The weight of the felled tree was enough to crush our metal garden gate.

Quite the mess.

You can see where the limb broke off.

Fortunately the heaviest part did not land in our area.

Another winter first for us. We will be able to clean it all up come spring. A reminder of the power of Mother Nature.


**********We have arrived home safely.  As you can imagine we are much too busy to create a new post. Loving and enjoying our chocolate stash. They are surprising us every moment. The loved coming home here and played hard for two full hours before a two hour nap and then dinner.  Of course they are still wrestling. They took to being outside immediately, amazing since they have never been outside a home before. So we started potty training and they have been great.  Now we take them out and they do their business immediately. However we are to get 2 -4 cm of snow tonight.  Yikes, tomorrow is a new day.



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8 Responses to “Wind damage”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Don’t do posts–just send pictures of those beautiful little ones. Once the snow is finished falling for the day, Colin can use his warm leaf blower to melt the snow from a small grassy area for the puppies to go potty. My son trained their new puppy to use her nose to ring two jingle bells hung from red ribbon on the door knob when she had to potty. Your little ones may not be old enough yet for that, but they seem to be fast learners.

  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    P.S. I meant to tell you–Todd’s new puppy was outside with them while they were raking leaves; their puppy is not much larger than your twins; Todd happened to see a hawk start into a dive to pick up his puppy and he was able to hit the hawk with his large rake and kill it with the rake handle just before the hawk got its claws into his puppy; he said it happened so quickly; stay close to your little ones outside for a while until they grow larger.

  3. livingrichonthecheap says:

    So glad you got home safely and they are settling in. Can’t wait for many MANY puppy pics

  4. SandyM says:

    Oh my, sorry for the garden mess. I hope the park will be of help to clean up the mess and remove the big pieces of the limb that fell.
    Lots of puppy snuggles and kisses for both of you – enjoy.

  5. Roger and Susie LaRose says:

    Glad your home safe. Enjoy those sweet puppies.. So much fun and adventures for everyone.. Photo’s please as they grow ..

  6. The joys of dealing with Nature.
    Between the Garden and the Puppies you’ll be having a busy year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  7. Dolores says:

    Boy!!! That is quite the mess!

  8. Linda Sand says:

    Oh, they are going to be such good dogs! You lucked out with this pair.

    My Mom taught her shnoodle to go to the door and say, “Ow” by saying, “Ou-t” as if it was two syllables to the dog whenever they were going out to potty.

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