Feb 21, 2021

A busy weekend

Colin spent some time preparing for the twins before we picked them up.

He built two ramps, a shorter one for inside and this one which will work for either of our outdoor stairs.

He even covered them in an off white leatherette. This was a 3 or 4 day project. Nice to have it all ready. However it will be a while before they are ready to deal with ramps but we intend for them to use the ramps as much as they can rather than do stairs.

Look at the ears.

Just six weeks later, the ears have grown so much. We are so excited to meet them. By the look in these eyes we know that this is Carlie. Fun times ahead.

Someone has rented a lake front site for the winter and brought their family to visit Saturday. A good deal of shovelling was done.

Neighbours used our steps down to the lake to go for a stroll. It was a cool day with the wind but so pretty with the sunshine.

Meanwhile the new ice rink was getting a bit of use.

They all seemed to prefer to skate through the few inches of snow on top of the ice. I think it gave them a bit more traction and they fell less often. It was fun to listen to the shouts and laughter right out front.

We planned and prepped over the weekend. This is back of the Jeep. A bit of room to play in once we have stopped and most importantly a place to pee. It will be much too cold and dirty and wet to have them use the side of the road. This will be a first for us to use wee pads. The pink and teal Mexican blanket is covering the twins crate.

From the front looking back.  The Mexican blanket will keep them warm.  If I need to I can reach inside the crate.

My comfy area. The towel is to put my feet on and the white bag is for my dirty shoes or boots. And I have a blanket to keep me warm. Colin prefers to be cool when driving long distances.

A side view from the passenger door behind my seat. The plaid bag is a dog carry bag which we may or may not use.  Inside I have a bag with tiny collars, leashes, harnesses and winter coats.  Another bag contains water and a water bowl as well as two food bowls.  We will be getting starter kibble from the breeder.

We have yet to put our personal items in the Jeep. We will be on the road for three days and two nights.




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6 Responses to “A busy weekend”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Good job on all the preparations! The twins are lucky to have found you two 🙂

    Safe travels, I will feel so much better when you are all back home.

  2. Colin did a super job. All your arrangements are well thought out.They are going to be pampered and well loved! Now just bring them safely home and post pictures so we can enjoy them too.

  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    I’m so excited for you.

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Back in the day we used to shovel an area clear on the ice then cut a hole and get a pump to pump water on top of it making for the perfect skating rink once it froze again. A lot of time it was way too slippery to even walk on!

  5. Karen says:

    I am just so excited for you!!!!! this gives me 5 minutes a day to take my mind off of our situation,I can’t wait for more stories to come!!!!

  6. Dolores says:

    Looks as if u are well prepared… Long way to go… Where is it located? Do they have wire-haired ones? The coloring is so pretty!! Can’t wait for stories!

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