Jan 03, 2021

So many great photos

Over the past ten days or so there have been so many photos. On December 26th, I had posted a nice sunset taken on December 24th by myself.  However Colin had taken some spectacular shots on December 23rd. They weren’t ready when I posted but I made certain to save them for you.

I was sitting with a glass of wine on December 23rd and reading when the sky began to change.

This is the sunset that I had mentioned last week that would rival any sunset we had ever seen on the Isla.

So pretty.

Isn’t this a stunning painting? This was done by a good friend who we met on the Isla about ten or eleven years ago. Bella often makes her paintings into Christmas or greeting cards and also sells her work in Winnipeg. I  have shown her work here before. I feel so privileged to have received this photo for Christmas. So much detail. Such a unique idea for a painting. I really love this one.

This is from our walk December 31st. There are three quail high up in this tree. I had no idea they climbed this high.

From the same walk and higher up in the very same tree there are six winter robins. First time I have seen robins here in the winter. I always assumed that they migrated but it appears that not all do.

Our temperature has begun to warm up, much more than normal for this time of year. Yesterday on January 2nd the snow on the lake started to melt. It went up to 6C/43C . The ice is still there under the snow. In fact it was so wet and slushy on the roads yesterday that is was not safe to walk. With the day-time thawing and the night-time freezes there were many hidden ice patches. Overall it was too wet to wear my studded ice grippers so we stayed inside yesterday.

Thanks for stopping in. It is always special to hear from you.


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18 Responses to “So many great photos”

  1. Gail Florence says:

    All the photos are beautiful.
    One of the benefits of being married to a photographer 🙂
    I also really like Bella’s picture.

    • contessa says:

      Actually Kelly I should have known that this painting would be your style. There is just something special about it. Do you recall that back in 2010 I used to ask Colin to take photos of this or that for my blog but I was never satisfied with many of them. We all see something differently.So he finally got me a camera and that got me taking my now photos. But I love when he creates some some photos for the blog. Such a different look and quality.

  2. Jean Kehler says:

    Your sunset it beautiful. I have been reading for years but not commented. I enjoy your blog. I am an Albertan living just east of Winnipeg. I really like your friend Bella’s paintings. I will have to go around to the various galleries and check her paintings out. Oh how I wish things could open up again. Better to be safe than sorry for sure. Jean

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment part of the blog Jean. Thank you so much for this comment and now I know that you are out there. I hope to hear for you every now and then. Did you know that I was from Edmonton and that my husband Colin lived in Winnipeg in his early years? I so hope that 2021 will give us more freedom but there are so many things happening right now regarding Covid. Hopefully it will settle down by summer. Bella’s paintings are even more vivid when looking at the painting or even a print. I am going to contact her to ask about getting a copy of this dress-tree. I will also ask if and where she is showing her art right now. I hope that 2021 will bring you what you need. Meanwhile stay safe.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    That was a very pretty sunset on December 23rd, thanks for the reminder and the great photo’s. I also love that Christmas tree painting your friend die, it was beautiful!

  4. Nice Sunset and Wonderland Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your warmer temperatures.

    It’s about time.

  5. Nancy Beglaw says:

    Lovely post Contessa! You and Colin have made the most wonderful lemonade out of the lemons we have all been handed. I feel like you are enjoying your winter here “almost” as much as the Isla. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. I have loved the beautiful photos of the Christmas tree and you had so much fun with your gifts!!

    Thanks for keeping up our spirits.


    • contessa says:

      Thank you Nancy and for your kind words. They all ring true. I so hope that we all receive the freedom to travel to Mexico in our RV’s this fall.

  6. Jim and Barb says:

    With sunsets like that, I know where I would be every afternoon!

    • contessa says:

      You are welcome to join us anytime, perhaps on your way up to Alaska come spring. However I can’t guarantee the sunset, only Mother Nature can do that.

  7. Paul says:

    Gorgeous photos! So beautiful!


  8. Catheline says:

    Your photos are lovely. The quails look like pine cones in the tree. I never knew that some Robins stayed for winter, I also thought they were seasonal.

    Love reading your Blog,


    • contessa says:

      You have been with me for a very long time and I appreciate that. Good catch about the quail looking like pine cones. So true.

  9. Cindy says:

    Stunning photos!

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