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Dec 04, 2021

We have arrived

Drove 194 miles. Left at 7 AM, we did not want to leave so early that we would not see the roads and the bumps. We took the new Mazatlan Libramiento and arrived at 11:35AM. In a nutshell the roads are the same as usual but worse in a few spots. So many areas have […]


Dec 03, 2021

We can almost smell the ocean

We were up at 5AM and driving at 6AM. It did not take long for dawn to break. Such a beautiful thing to observe as the various colours came out and changed to become lighter and lighter. A new piece of news regarding the C Oregon bypass to Navajo. Effective December 1st the expensive toll […]


Dec 02, 2021

A mixed bag today

The day started off perfectly. I was surprised when we got to the border and there was sign saying only open 8AM – 8PM. We got there exactly at 8AM. When we got to the customs area, we were pulled over to the side, We could see on the left many cars &  pickups filled […]


Dec 01, 2021

Only 16 miles from the Mexican border

We did it, we are poised to cross into Mexico tomorrow December 2nd.  I still can’t believe that we are traveling in December. I am behind one blog which I except to catch up on in the next few days. I decided to stay in real time as it makes it easier on all of […]


Nov 30, 2021

November Calendar Photo

Second post tonight, first one is about the RV update.   This really was a fun trip. We preferred the north rim.


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