Dec 30, 2020

More snow!

We awoke this morning to light flurries then the snow stopped. We did get close to 4.5 inches of snow overnight. The forecast was that we would have more snow all day today. I feel cheated. If I had a wish, it would be that I could watch the snow fall and walk in it from between 8AM and 8M.  Just not fair that it falls while I am asleep.  However I won’t complain too loudly as I am still very happy to see it all white and fluffy around me.

We were supposed to have snow all day today but that did not happen.  Now as you can see our next snow fall is from 11PM tonight until 9AM tomorrow. I guess I might have to stay up all night if I want to watch snow falling from the  sky. The next snow forecast after tomorrow is from 11PM Dec 31st until early morning January 1st. I guess I will just settle for what I get.

Such a view to see first thing in the morning.

I have heard people here complain about it being dark and cloudy over the winter. I love the monochromatic colour. Yup those are two spots on the lake. Someone did an ice test the other day and we only have  two inches of solid ice. Please excuse the reflections on the windows but there is no way I am going outside for each photo I want to take.

We borrowed another shovel so that we could both do the fun job of moving snow from point A to point B.

We noticed that the renter made an effort to clear all the snow from his skating rink. Way too much effort. He did not last long, quite an expenditure of energy.  Again apologies for the reflections.

We were making a crock pot of fish chowder for dinner tonight, when Colin spotted movement way out on the lake, just under the rail trail. This coyote did stop and lay on the ice for a while.  So difficult to take decent photos from so far away. However we are most delighted to enjoy any wildlife that we see.

Shortly thereafter we got a short snow flurry.

Does anyone know the differences between snow, periods of snow and snow flurries as mentioned in a weather forecast?

A winter Robin? Colin spotted a flock of these a few days ago while on a solo walk.

Some severe temporary changes just out late this afternoon. Makes sense to me. I only hope that it will help make a difference. Meanwhile today the Federal government announced that they are about to put into law, that anyone flying into Canada must have had a negative Covid 19 test dated three days prior to arrival.

I was truly surprised today to discover that tomorrow is New Years Eve. I think I lost a few days this past week. Really, 2020 is almost over!

Looking forward to a different new year. I really don’t believe that it will be a normal year.  I am hopeful that there will be some changes that allow us more freedom.  Sadly I see wearing a mask the ‘new normal’ for at least another year.

These are simple musings. Tomorrow we will be sure to have a special welcome to a 2021 photo for you all.



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9 Responses to “More snow!”

  1. Kathryn Tycho says:

    I think the darkness and gloom of winter is less for you because of your lovely view. We have a view at home too and there is always something to look at. Most people just see another house or a fence. Lucky us! Happy New Year!

    • Contessa Jewall says:

      I agree with you. We are very fortunate. I think if I only had another home to look at and not mountains nor the lake it would be extremely difficult. I often think about that very scenario. Happy New Year in Mazatlan.

  2. Walking in gentle flurries is enchanting but not under blizzard conditions.
    Don’t let you neighbours here you say you like the Sxxw or they’ll have you cleaning their drives.
    It’s certain it will be a new normal when we start this new year.
    Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.

    It’s about time.

    • Contessa Jewall says:

      I don’t think that we would be out walking in a blizzard. Fortunately we have a choice as to when we take a walk. If a neighbour required help we would be there for them.

      Happy New Year to you both. I hope for your sake that it will a new normal year for you.

  3. Karen says:

    So much snow and no where to go, we wish you and Colin a very happy New Year’s Eve.

  4. Dolores says:

    Wow on curtailing alcohol sales!! Wouldn’t u just stock up?
    Am sure u guys are OK!!! Ha!

  5. Contessa Jewall says:

    I’m sure that most have their alcohol supply already. What this is doing is stopping folks from drinking irresponsibly and then hanging out in groups. However it is putting a dent into those with dinner reservations with 9PM seating. They won’t be able to order any wine, etc.

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