Dec 29, 2020

Que Pasa

The days pass by rather quickly. Something new to see everyday. We find it difficult to believe that we have had such a mild winter thus far. Others are complaining about the snow but we love it.

Last Saturday we tried out our new coffee maker, a gift from Santa. We seldom drink coffee and so a cup of decaf here and there is all we need.  Colin didn’t know about the new coffee maker but still tuning in with me he got me a new mug for Christmas. I love the colour. This Hamilton Beach single cup maker uses fresh grounds for each cup so you can brew it as strong as you prefer and also have a further choice of regular or bold. It takes up so much less space on the counter and it does brew a good hot cup of coffee.

A new visitor to our yard. We have never seen a Magpie around here before. Sadly it hasn’t returned but we are keeping our eye out for it.

Saturday was a perfect day for a walk.  It had snowed overnight until mid morning the 26th and there was deeper snow to walk through. So we attached my studded snow tires to my boots and off we went.

They worked great. Then on Sunday I used them with my runners and I felt very safe. It was mostly slush with ice underneath but I felt steady.

Anyone know who might have made these tracks. Colin thinks maybe a rabbit but we really have no idea.

A wee sunset Saturday.

Sunday morning we were surprised to see people walking back and forth along the lake. Likely easier to walk there than on the slushy icy roads. When we did get out for our walk, very few others were walking due to the ice. Love my studded ice grips. The roads have been plowed and sanded but still were icy.

Over to the right of the lake at Turtle Lodges a regular hockey game was taking place.

We were rather surprised to see the renter, next to us, shovelling out a skating area on the ice. He appears to enjoy shovelling as he is up at 5:15 AM scraping his shovel along the driveway, the road and his patio even if we get just a dusting of snow. Of course he wakes me up each time.

Monday the 28th, we woke up to low cloud/fog and perhaps an inch of snow. There were still a few flurries gently falling around us.

So beautiful to wake up to.

I was sitting at my desk mid morning Monday when I heard a loud thunk. I called Colin over and we figured out the area and he went up on the roof. It was a drip from the snow on the roof, falling down to the lower roof level.  Nothing serious but annoying.

I shouldn’t have said anything because Colin had to extend and set up the tallest of the ladders to climb up there. He did the job and I got him coming down.

I was very lazy yesterday and never left the house. I may have never actually got dressed yesterday  😕  These things happen from time to time.

This morning Colin was up earlier than I and captured this sunrise for you.

Again, strange happenings on the lake. You can even see the lines in the above sunrise photo. It can’t be melting snow as we have not been above freezing for a few days.

We found out that snow was in the forecast for the next few days so decided that today was our chance to pick up a few groceries. I was surprised to see in my daytimer that we have not left the house in the Jeep since the 18th. So we got a few errands done and as always were happy to return home. Surprise!  We now have a snowfall warning for our area. It appears that we may be getting up to 6 inches of snow in the next 18 hours 😎

I can only speak for myself!

Aren’t we all glad that this year is almost over? As you can see even Santa wasn’t happy. Only three more sleeps left…….






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14 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. The joys of Winter. Learning all the changing sights and sounds of the season that you miss by heading south. Like you we’ll be so glad when we can Safely get out and about.
    One More Sleep.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a Happy, Healthy New Year.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Yes so many things we had no idea about. We are looking forward to being here in the winter once we stop RVing to Mexico. Who knows when that will be!

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    We bought the clip on cleats many years ago when we were still feeding animals in the winter. Work great and used them the winter of 2015/2016 when we were stuck at home. My sister in law in Kelowna has magpies all the time, odd that you don’t. We even had a lost one in Terrace back in the late 70’s. Enjoy your lazy days, we all need them now and then. Happy New Year…2021 has to be better!

    • contessa says:

      Good for you about the cleats. Fortunately we only missed two walks before Santa dropped these off. Strange about the magpies. Have seen one or two about but really didn’t think that we had any. Happy New Year!

  3. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    Probably a rabbit or snowshoe hare. Not sure what’s in your area.

    • contessa says:

      Never heard of snowshoe hares. Will look it up. Interestingly we have had fresh snow overnight for a few days and we always have new prints in the snow every morning. Quite fun to watch.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Beautiful sunrise photo! That gives me the heabies seeing all those people out on the ice, our weather hasn’t been cold enough to make it safe … at least in my opinion.

  5. Judith says:

    Ah thanks again for the photos. Colin appears totally intrepid, and I’m glad you’ve got some ice cleats for your shoes. Slippery stuff, ice is. Oddly enough, there is snow in our forecast in Texas for tomorrow and tomorrow night. I won’t mind. Don’t have to go anywhere! And it IS lovely to look at, especially if you are warm inside.

    • contessa says:

      I am really enjoying my studded treads. I have so much more confidence walking outside. So much ice under the snow. It will be interesting to see if you do get some snow. The weather is weather different right now. In Mazatlan it is raining and cold,41F/5C!! Unusually cold.

  6. Karen says:

    Always beautiful photos but my favourite from this batch has to be the T-Shirt I love it!! Wishing we had the snow rather than the dark gloomy rain of the winter coast.

    • contessa says:

      Ahh yes that T- shirt. It would have been fun to have one and wear it this past summer. Sorry about all the gloom. That is why we moved here from Vancouver. However we never expected to be living in snow for over a week.

  7. Dolores says:

    That was a good post! So many things! Love Colin’s sunrise… It just looks cold to me, all that snow
    Don’t want to say at as just tempting fate, but we have had no measurable snow … Yet…it of times it hits the Cascade Range then skips over us as does the rain… Not good for dryness, but good for my mood… Not grey, lowering sky’s!
    Oh and Colin on that snowy roof, oh dear…..
    Take care walking n driving out there….
    It is lovely to sit inside, not have to go out, and be warm by fire m just watch!
    U r sure getting lots of entertainment out of that lake!

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