Dec 26, 2020

Perfect Christmas

If we had to be home for Christmas then I wanted it to be white and it was. No need to have the snow actually falling, just to see it on the ground, on all the pines in the hills and on the lake was all we needed.

We had some special visitors on Christmas Eve.

This one looks like it is wearing a fancy holiday hat.

We pre made one of our Christmas dinner casseroles so it could sit in the fridge overnight and work its magic.

We put out suet for the birds and Mrs.Flicker came to say thank you.

Isn’t her hubby so very handsome?

A lovely Christmas Eve sunset.

That was followed by dinner and a surprise and most welcome phone call from extra special friends. We managed to watch a few holiday movies and finally got to bed so that Santa could come and visit.

Christmas morning & here we have opened our stockings ( all six of them!! ) and are enjoying a mimosa before tackling the pile of gifts still under the tree. Note to self to buy more of the Saint-Louis champagne from France.

We were very in tune with each other this year. We both wanted a 2020 ornament. And we ended up opening these gifts at the same time.  Usually Colin opens a gift and then I do. It took well over two hours. The two penguins on the right say “Our First Christmas – 2020”, Colin said he was referring to our first Christmas in this house. Actually come to think of it, we didn’t have a Christmas in the last two homes. The only penguin ornament I could find were of these five which of course put me in mind of the 5C’s and I had 2020 added at the bottom.

Huge surprise. An electric throw with three settings to keep me warm.  We hear that January is rather nasty around here. So far we have no complaints but I know that I will love this blanket.

It was so much fun. Mostly small gifts. Isn’t the dollar store great? Plus a very few special items.

Again we were in tune with each other. Colin purchased us each ‘studded snow tires for our boots’ while I got us LED armbands for safety walking at dusk or later.

The tree once again has lots of space around it.

There will not a be chocolate shortage this winter. I only purchased five of these for Colin.  What was he thinking? Oh well, I can’t be rude can I? But I will share.

I only purchased three of these! Colin got me the Brights port and I got him the Sandeman port, both from Portugal cellars that we had visited in June of 2019.  Again we are ready to be snowed in.

This has been our Christmas dinner for years and years, I even make it in the RV.  Served this year with an Italian, Cantina Tollo Pinot Grigio. Fortunately I still had 1/2 kilo of Mazatlan shrimp in the freezer.  Gosh I wish I had had more in our RV freezer when we had to return back to Canada so quickly last March.

We watched two more Christmas movies and that completed our first Christmas here in Kelowna.

It was a bonus when more snow started falling about 9PM. Not as much as expected fell but so nice to have a fresh white blanket over everything.

Thank you for all of your comments and lovely emails. It truly helped us feel connected during this Covid year.

Fortunately I won’t have to drink red!

Feliz Navidad. Please remember to stay safe everyone. Despite the vaccine it will be months, perhaps a year or more before we stop wearing masks. Hang in there.

I hope that you all managed to have a wonderful Christmas no matter how you celebrated.




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11 Responses to “Perfect Christmas”

  1. Judith says:

    A surfeit of riches for Christmas day. Looks beautiful. OK, I gotta know. What’s going on with the casserole makings that had to be refrigerated overnight? I guess I also want to know the menu. I do recognize shrimp (yum) and a lovely salad…..
    So glad you had such a great day. And with such a beautiful view. It’s not tropical, but it is beautiful!
    Thanks for posting it all.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Judith. I do hope that you had some very special Christmas moments. We did have a wonderful day, although I did not step out of the house. I did change out of my nightie and dress up for dinner:) We do have a great view. Wait until I share a Christmas visitor story with you in a day or so. I have been making this potato dish for 33 years now, it is called “Potatoes Romanoff” and includes sour creme which works with the precooked and shredded potatoes and the cheese, etc to create a very tasty dish. It needs to be refrigerated overnight to blend the flavours. The Caesar salad is our usual as are the shrimp. Before we started traveling to Mexico 20 years ago I served salmon. I call the other dish scalloped carrots. Except I use double the stuffing, butter and cheese and it is so yummy. I only make these at Christmas but may make them again in early 2021. So much easier having so much space to spread out. Making this meal the other day I was amazed that I even manage all of this in an RV. Having so much kitchen space and extra large bowls, etc, really helped. The only think I have to buy to bring to Mexico is the frozen stuffing.

  2. Sandie DIXON says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I love being in the desert with no snow but it just doesn’t seem quite like Christmas without it. I’m hoping by next fall things will be looking up with the vaccine. But until then we wear our masks and stay home.

    • contessa says:

      Now that we have had snow for Christmas, I am not sure how I will feel about having to leave it behind. It took me years to get used to having winter in the south. Yes we all need to keep wearing our masks and we need to stay positive and have hope for the future.

  3. Cindy says:

    Looks like a great day!

  4. Glad you had Safe and Merry Christmas.
    Your gifts are appropriate for the season.

    It’s about time.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    It sounds like a very special Christmas for two very special people. I love how positive you have been about staying home this year. It is up to us to make the best of it and you have both done a great job!

    • contessa says:

      Aww thank you. Sometimes I think that I might be talking about the Isla too much but honestly we have really adapted to being here. Bring on the snow.

  6. Dolores says:

    And a Happy New Year to you.!

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