Dec 03, 2020

Last weekend ended up being a busy time

Good thing I try to remember to take photos so that I won’t forget the que pasa of it all.

The forecast or weather guessers as George used to say, said that the weekend would be the last two warmish days for a long while. The time had come for us to pick the last of our veggies before we entered a deep freeze.

This is the second planting of carrots and we did pretty good harvest wise.

A few days later Colin cleaned them outside and then scrubbed them inside at the sink. They are so sweet.

I was surprised to find even more beets tops. They just kept growing after I last picked them, before the first frost. We have enough for two meals of steamed greens.  Yummy!

Not as many beets as I expected. I suspect that there was not enough heat for them to grow. Next summer I will start to do the second planting right away as I harvest the first crop. I unnecessarily waited several weeks this past summer.

Colin cleaned the gutters that were full of leaves.

I did my third raking of the season. The rake is against the first tree-hard to see with the shadow. We still have leaves on our trees. First time we have ever been here to see how many leaves fall. I did find out from our lawn guy that we have been charged over the years for both fall and spring clean up.  Now I know why.

Just at dusk Colin decided to take a few photos of our outdoor lights.

Can you see the Christmas tree inside? Left corner of the house. So many neat reflections.

Left over fortune cookies from the other night. Those who really know me are shaking their heads and saying “please no, you are already direct enough”.

First time that we have had living plants in our home here. My garden is in Mexico. I neglected to water my $5.00 poinsettia and it shrivelled up. Right now I have some red flowers but the leaves have fallen off.

I am now on my second Christmas cactus. Many years ago I grew these and they looked fabulous at Christmas. Now the buds have dropped off.

Any suggestions? These are dried up buds on the first cactus.

All the lights are giving me a mental boost.

One of my longtime readers, Janet, suggested Blackwell Dairy Farm for the best ever eggnog. This is the link for where they sell their products in my area of B.C. If you check that link you will find where they sell in your particular area. Muchas gracias Janet.





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10 Responses to “Last weekend ended up being a busy time”

  1. Carol says:

    not hugging here in Mexico is hard – it is such a natural thing to do as we see friends for the first time this year.

    • Contessa says:

      I can just imagine. I am sure that you are happy to be there. You seem to be staying away from the crowds which is good. Stay safe.

  2. I’m surprised at your late Harvest and that the Snow has disappeared.
    Christmas Lights lift everyone’s spirits
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • Contessa says:

      Love love Christmas lights. Yes the snow is gone and with -8C temps we are enjoying lots of frost. The late late harvest was a bonus, an experiment that will continue if we are here next fall. Hopefully we will be back in Mexico.

  3. Wow, you still can harvest veggies. We’ve had frost several times so even if we had anything still in the ground I doubt it would have survived.
    Love that photo of your yard with the view over the lake. Bet its envied by many. I never had much success with Poinsettias but as to the dropping of buds on your Christmas cactus it might be because you have a lot of windows and bright sunshine. Perhaps a different location for it might help.

    • Contessa Jewall says:

      We had at least five frosts and 3 dumps of snow, the first one in October and it was large. So I was surprised that all was well and the bonus was the fresh beet tops. I think I am giving up on the Christmas Cactus. I have had it away from the window. However it is very cold inside overnight as we have no heat on. Then it gets warm quickly in the morning which is also likely not making the plant happy.

  4. Karen says:

    Oh my the veggies look awesome! Some lovely carrot soup comes to mind,nothing like fresh from the garden, I miss my Mom’s garden so much,all the benefits and none of the work, and a nice roast beet and goat cheese salad,you’ve made me hungry lol,your Christmas lights are beautiful I find your pictures putting a calm smile across my face. I imagine this is definitely a different Christmas for you all sort of exciting in its own way mind you. I would do just about anything to be sitting in the sun with a good book right about now.

    • Contessa says:

      We love eating those sweet little carrots raw, so tasty. That beet and goat cheese recipe sounds good. Would feta cheese work? Did you get the hint for the recipe:) Yes it is an exciting Christmas because it’s all new to us in a new home. I also would love to be reading on the beach with a glass of vino at my side but it is just not worth the risk of flying to Mexico. Besides we wouldn’t even consider it, it’s via RV or not at all.

  5. Sue says:

    George always took a lot of pictures so he could remember what we did during the day.

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