Nov 24, 2020

We were both shocked and upset to say the least

Yesterday, Monday, we had chiropractic appointments in Vernon. Afterwards we returned our Charlie Brown tree to Canadian Tire. We never even took it out of the box but by accident last Friday ( we had a quick 20 minute stop at Walmart ) we found a much better one and taller for the same great price of $39.99. After Canadian Tire we did our large biweekly shop at the Vernon Superstore, so very much larger, newer and with lots of space within each aisle than our local Kelowna store. Next stop was a big wine stock up and fuel top up as the gas prices are cheaper there. So after a long day  ( we were gone close to 5 hours ) and a very full car we came home. As Colin was backing in, I said, “what happened to our landscape rocks”?

This is what we saw.  I felt violated. Why would someone do this to us?

I asked him to call the front office and security while I ran over to a neighbour to see if they knew what had happened. Sadly they did. We have been having drain problems which have become much worse the past few years.  Maintenance tried to fix it a few weeks ago to no avail. Actually they have tried for several years to get this sorted out. Yesterday they brought in a huge truck which sent a miniature camera down the drain and along its length.

There is darker square about 1/3 down from the top right, in the middle of that dark triangular patch.  The dark square is the drain underwater. From that drain you can see two parallel lines that run to the bottom left of the photo.

Those two parallel lines end up at our property and is marked by the orange paint.

Apparently the remote camera only got as far as halfway up our area in front of the new fence where it saw a collapsed pipe. They could not find out where that pipe led.  They think that is comes under our yard and empties into the lake. Maintenance came by to speak with us and that is how we discovered this much.  At that point we explained that there was no exit from our property to the lake. Were we sure, yes we were certain. We explained that in the 17 years we have lived here ( in both homes on opposite sides of the road ) that we always were told that this drain went over to the neighbours ( the ones close to the fence ) and drained out to the lake behind their home. Apparently the mini camera was used from the drain on the road side of our neighbours near our fence and also from the lake to the road and that pipe was clear with no obstructions.

The tiny remote camera also had some sort of GPS or something ( we were not here so don’t really know ) that shows above ground the area where the pipe collapsed. So someone painted where they need to dig.  Yes dig!

So it appears that from the road to the fence it will all be dug up. They may even have to go under the fence or move the fence. We don’t know. No one knows until the digging starts.

We got to enjoy our completed fence, properly placed landscape cloth and new rocks for exactly one full day. Can you imagine how upset we were? So sometime within the next week our front area will be dug up, we will be dealing with a huge mess and likely lots of mud from the rain. Management came to see us today ( at our request ) and promised to put everything back as it was. Have you ever seen anything put back correctly when something like this is done? In fact I could not figure out why our gate was full of mud. Apparently several people were traipsing through our yard look for a place to see where the drain ran into the lake. So if they make a mess of our gate I can only image what is coming next.

One of the most upsetting parts was was seeing the neon orange paint splattered up onto our four day old fence.

Maintenance came this morning and removed most of the sprayed rocks ( they can’t be cleaned ) but still many remain as was seen by management when they came by closer to noon today. Most of the paint came off the fence with a special cleaner but not all of it is gone. You can see a larger grey stone placed near the fence to mark ‘the’ spot. A much neater and less destructive method of making a mark.

We were extremely upset when we returned home yesterday afternoon. There was not enough wine to cope. Today we remain disappointed that so much of our hard work is going to be dug up. We have no choice but to get this done but we don’t have to like it. As you know we are perfectionists and we know that it will never be the same. We have requested that we be given at least a days notice so that we can be here to supervise. The last thing we need is to have a backhoe damage the fence. Next week I have my final vein treatment, a chiro treatment and a massage but I can cancel the last two if needed. Likely they would prefer us to not be here, but if we can we will be.




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12 Responses to “We were both shocked and upset to say the least”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Frustrating to say the least!

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Well that just sucks. Hopefully they can use a mini track hoe to minimize the damage.

  3. Frustrated is putting it lightly. Take lots of pictures and make certain it is not just thrown back in place with the dirt piled on top of the stone. As Kathryn mentions there are smaller sized excavators that can be used so your entire yard is not destroyed.
    Like your Covid Sign.

    It’s about time.

  4. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Well crap, that sucks. Yes, definitely try to be there when they come. Good you have photos of what it all looked like before they got at it. They really should have communicated with you first though

  5. Oh Contessa, lets hope for the best. Did you inquire if there are perhaps any drawings or other paperwork in the office that might be helpful in locating where the drainage was installed? Maybe dye can be used to see where the water ends up? I know you will be monitoring the repairs and make sure they restore everything to its former state. BTW your fence and yard looked beautiful!

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    That is so upsetting, I would be furious! I can’t believe they did that and didn’t even wipe the paint off the fence … actually I can believe it but would like to believe it wouldn’t happen 🙁

    I sure hope you can be there when the work is done and that it is all put back the way it was.

  7. Catheline says:

    Breath, Breath Breath.
    It is, what it is, but no need to get so stressed about it, maybe think of it as a good thing. There won’t be water pooling in your yard anymore, once it is fixed. Did they deal with it badly, yes of course they did. When it’s all over, they will put it all back perfectly, you’ll make sure of that. Don’t make yourself sick over something out of your control, it will all work itself out.

    Love reading your Blog,

  8. Sally says:

    Oh Contessa, I am so sorry. Lots of pictures and be there when its done. (if your nerves can handle it) It might have been done when you were in Mexico and then they probably would have left you a huge mess to come home to. Its very upsetting but I have no doubt you can handle it.

  9. Janet Ashworth says:

    Good grief! I bet you blinked and said some bad words! I can’t give you an upside, but at least you are there to supervise, what would have happened if you were gone for the winter? All the planning, work and expense, a darn shame!

  10. Sandie DIXON says:

    What a revolting development that turned into. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this mess.

  11. Karen says:

    Oh my god!! How horrible for you I would be furious beyond words,I can’t imagine your frustration levels,I hope it gets done to your satisfaction I know how meticulous the both of you are, I think that they should have told you that this was going to take place,I wish you luck my friend and a huge hug from afar.

  12. Croft Randle says:

    I have been too busy with my own torn up yard to check my Blogs! We are dealing with the same thing! Good Luck!

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