Oct 30, 2020

Our final harvest

A little out of sequence but here it is. Our final harvest was October 15th, about eight days before we got that huge ( well it was huge to me ) snow storm. It had to be significant because they put out a snowfall warning.

We picked the last of our green beans. This hanging white one and others are being left to dry so we can used them as seeds next spring.  Not sure how the deep freeze we just experienced has affected that process.

I couldn’t believe that we had tomato blossoms mid October.

As well as strawberry blossoms.

We did have four small zuchinni growing and left them for another week.. We picked them the night before the snow fell. They really didn’t grow much more but were good in a stir fry.

Looking much emptier. We have not yet had a chance to go back and put the garden to bed.  Should we turn the soil or just leave it to the spring?

So many tomatoes plus kale, Swiss chard and beets tops.

All of these tomatoes have turned red in the past two weeks.

Not sure if I posted this yet. Sorry if it is a repeat. We do love roasted veggies and I baked these with pesto, as well as a few pieces of fish at the same time.

Definitely yummy.

Does anyone have a tomato soup recipe that incorporates fresh tomatoes?

I have also replied to your comments about winterizing and what we have done. Please check that last post and let me know if we need to do more.

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  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    As to your winterizing reminders/questions, maybe check your vehicles to determine if the amount of antifreeze is up to speed. Even check any motor outside which runs on fuel. Also, batteries outside lose a lot of restarting power during intense cold weather; you could periodically put them on a “battery minder” and plug the minder into electricity.

    • Contessa says:

      My Lexus has been put into storage until next spring. The battery has been disconnected and it has the car cover on it. We moved it tp the storage yard so it is next to the RV. Anything liquid has been removed for the RV and it has been properly winterized by and RV tech. Colin did add windshield antifreeze to both the Jeep and to the RV, just in case. The only things that runs on batteries will be the golf cart and we will be on top of that. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Watching the Farmers during the time we lived in the park they worked the soil following their harvest for the crops that would be harvested by mid Summer then wait for Spring to plant their Fall crops.
    Kathy makes Tomato and Cheese Soup. Those are the only ingredients. She renders down Ripe Tomatoes in a frying pan, then adds lots of Cheddar Cheese from a block. Careful eating it as cheese holds the heat and is very filling. Very filling!
    Be certain to add water to the pan immediately after serving the soup or it will take forever to clean.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for the recipe, I will give it a try.

    • Dee Tillotson says:

      Richard, the following is a sandwich I’ve eaten since I was a child in Georgia and South Carolina:

      Two slices of bread (either white or whole wheat, either toasted or not)

      Spread a light coating of smooth Jiffy peanut butter on each slice of bread

      Peel a medium ripe banana, cut it in half, then cut the halves long-ways

      arrange the banana slices in two stacks on one slice of bread

      place the other slice of bread on top of the stacked banana slices

      cut banana-peanut butter sandwich in half (easier to eat that way and very filling for a kid) I felt as though I had eaten dessert.

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