Oct 22, 2020

Slowly getting ready to shut down the garden

Our garden just keeps growing. However on October 11th we knew that we needed to start pulling some things out.

We still had close to a hundred if not more of tomatoes to ripen.

The green beans were still growing.

Colin took out all the smaller cherry tomatoes and left the larger ones on the vine.  Here he is cleaning out the dead part of the bean vines in one of our two bean sections.

Squash that belongs to some friends further down in the garden.  See that huge read tomato.  They had quite a few hanging and going bad. I think they are hunters and were away at harvest time.

Some lovely fall colours in a garden.

The Mountain Ash trees are full of berries. We all know what that means. Brr.

Part of what we took home that weekend. One zucchini and nine cucumbers and beans.  The end of the cukes for this year.

The first row of Swiss chard or the right was been pulled.  I am leaving the second sowing of kale to grow a bit more in behind and to the left my second sowing of Swiss chard is ready to be picked very soon. I am going to leave the beets and carrots in the ground for a bit.  I also took some beet tops for steaming.

In the last week the temperatures have been lowering every day and there is a very definite chill in the air.

Today we got the bad news. An early snowfall starting tonight and with 5 – 10 cm / 2 -4 inches of snow on Friday and a low of -9C/16F. We are going to sink or swim.

These are my winter boots for now.  They are Encore Ice 4 by Merrell and come with a grip outer sole. I love the shearling lining and cushion heel. I wore them out yesterday for two appointments and some grocery shopping.  My bare feet are very warm and my toes survived. I do have a pair of old snow boots that I can wear when I really need to – as in more than 2 inches of snow.

I did answer all of your questions from the last blog post, so you might want to check out my replies. Yesterday we were gone a full 7 hours and make 16 stops. Way too many but we ‘d rather get it done in one day and be home the rest of the time. Here is the link to my lasagna recipe. I did use the no boil lasagna noodles which worked perfectly.  It certainly was great for leftover lunches. It was so special using our own zucchini and Swiss chard.

It is getting late and dinner is ready ( crock pot Tuscan bean soup with our own Swiss chard ).  Already going on to 7:45PM. More next time. Thanks for all of your comments. Interesting how we all adapt to temperature.

We have a difficult road ahead of us.

Think about it. Time to get back into smaller bubbles for just a while until things slow down again.


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14 Responses to “Slowly getting ready to shut down the garden”

  1. MJ WARREN says:


    • contessa says:

      Well that 100+ is what was left in the garden. We gave away so many this summer and ate them and froze some so we likely had another 100 +. However we did have at least 13 – 15 plants. I am happy to say that we used no fertilizer unlike some of the other gardeners. Lets hope that we do as well next year.

  2. Sally says:

    The tomatoes will all ripen if you just set them out on a counter or table. You’ll have tomatoes until Dec. I’m jealous. I have to find some tasty heirlooms next year. Ours didn’t have the nice old fashioned taste. They were hybridized to look good and grow well but they forgot taste.

    • contessa says:

      Yes I have them on the two window sills and now on the floor in the sun. Taste is not always there is it. Most of our cherry tomatoes had little flavour this summer where as in years past we simply devoured them. I hope yu find the perfect tomato plants next spring.

  3. Janet Ashworth says:

    So glad you like the shoes! Until the snow gets too deep out I put them on when I take the dogs out for potty. Have a couple of inches here today.

  4. Good haul from your garden. Should have Picked those Tomatoes and simply leave a note. By the time your neighbours would return you could have given them some of your newly ripened Green Tomatoes. End result no waste and everyone wins.
    Cute looking shoes.
    The Cartoons are so true today.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Sadly that neighbour has a tall fence around his garden with a locked gate. No one can get in. Good idea though. Love my shoes. Between them and my Costco slippers my feet are now warm.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Your winter shoes look very comfy, are they waterproof? I need something comfy for my morning walks.

    • contessa says:

      No they are suede, I think pig suede. So I just sprayed them with a water proof spray and hope that will work. I just don’t understand why they don’t make these in leather. I checked dozens out and now are leather. FYI with Merrell you can order online and no shipping charge and no return shipping charge. So I ordered a 7 and a 7.5 to figure out what worked best for me. I really like them. the snow was too deep today to wear them.

  6. SandyM says:

    Goodness, I hope you got all your produce harvested before the snow started – you must look like Winter Wonderland about now. Hope it is soon melted and gone and sunny days will return. We have had a beautiful week of 70 degree weather and will take it as long as it is given to us. Your shoes look like they will keep your toes warm.

    • contessa says:

      Yes we did, I have another blog planned for that in the near future. MY toes were warm in those shoes and even the old boots I tried out today.

  7. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Amazing how much produce you get compared to us to us up here in the north. Such a wet cool summer here that even my green beans didn’t produce as usual. However, those Mexican squash kept going till I ripped them out! Fantastic haul for you…congrats!

    • contessa says:

      We are so very happy with the garden this year. We had a horrid wet spring and Bothe the tomatoes and beans were under bug attack but eventually we replanted some and sprayed some and it all turned out. Also because of Covid Colin hardly worked and of course we were here all fall with no RV travel prep so we had time to spend in the garden. I think it might be what kept me sane.

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