Sep 30, 2020

I guess that I need to…

…finish off the month with the September calendar photo.

Some photos of our trip to Spain last year including Toledo, Cordoba, Granada and Seville. So much great food to eat in Spain not to mention the wines. We found each restaurant better than the last. If we were to revisit Spain it would be to Barcelona and Seville.  How we loved our time there and the most special Airbnb we stayed in. For certain we would spend at least a week back in Seville.

Will we ever be able to travel as we have in years past.  How long will it be before it is safe to travel?  Are you willing to get on a plane and fly to Europe?  I can’t see myself walking around Venice nor Seville wearing a mask.

Meanwhile we need to keep doing our part and wear masks and keep washing our hands.


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