Sep 22, 2020

Found a treasure and a few GRRRs

We spent a good part of the weekend moving things around and finding things as well as winter things. More on that in my next post.

Ta dah!  I found this unopened package of napkins hiding up in a top cupboard. My treasure.

Made in the USA so why are they not in stock anywhere?

The following was posted in the business section to the online news I read.

I read something similar in a US newsfeed.  Yesterday I asked Colin to stop at Costco on his way home to pick up a package of toilet paper. There was none to be found and just a few packages of Sponge Towels left. There also were no Kleenex to be found but there were two packages of a Kirkland brand of tissues. So he picked up two packages of paper towels and one of the tissues. I then went online to check the Costco site. I was able to fill my cart with toilet paper, the Bounty brand paper towels and a package of Ultra Soft Kleenex that I prefer. When I went to check out suddenly in big red letters it read that there were delays and  that they could not deliver to my address at this time. Strangely as just the day prior I ordered two items from Costco. Yesterday I received a delivery notice of October 2nd. It was delivered today 😯  Very strange.

So midday today, Colin had 90 minutes between jobs and decided to checkout Costco again. Looking for Kirkland toilet paper, the shelves were empty. On his way to customer service he discovered pallets of the Kirkland toilet paper in a section between freezers of frozen foods.  Colin said he could feel and see a sense of panic from the other shoppers. It was not pleasant. On our way back here from Mexico mid March we kept reading about stores with empty shelves due to hoarding. Did this one online news article create a new panic?

In other news our bank did a major upgrade to their system from 6PM Friday to 9PM yesterday. They did a great job of telling you what you needed to do to protect and change prior to Friday. I did a good job of following all the directives for both our personal and business accounts. So today when I went to log in with my previously obtained new temporary  code ( as recommend by the  bank), it failed me on both accounts. Today was the first full banking day and I really needed to do some important things online. I held for 90 minutes before I was able to speak to someone. Then she guided me through the sign in with yet another code and various passwords over and over and over again. It did not work. We tried a new virtual member account number and three different passwords that were generated and nothing worked.  She then told me that it was my computer that was broken.  No way 😈 I have been through this so many times. I told her that she could not get off the phone until this was sorted out. Long story short, after my insisting she contact her tech team, we eventually got it sorted out. I thanked her for sticking with me and she thanked me for teaching her something new – things she did not know about this new program.

Meanwhile an e-transfer that I was expecting did not come through and the guy says that the funds have not come back into his account and won’t resend the monies 😯 Why oh why does life have to be so complex? So after 2 hours and 45 minutes I was exhausted and rather tearful.  Three hours of my day ( and what was to be my walking time ) were wasted.

I really could have used this chair earlier. Thanks for sharing these two Nancy.

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13 Responses to “Found a treasure and a few GRRRs”

  1. We’ve been noticing the shelves thinning out again and the second wave hasn’t hit yet.
    Sounds like you’re having the same problems we did Two years ago. We ended up bringing our Laptops in to their Techs to get it right but we still have some issues. Welcome to the new technological world of headaches.
    We could use a chair like that as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Wish I could bring a laptop somewhere but we both use huge desktops. Our laptops comes out for client meetings and when we travel abroad. However this problem is not our computers but is banks problems due to their major changes.

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    I had a hard time finding Pepto Bismal yesterday…is everyone sick to their stomach with all the worry about Covid? LOL. Checked at the pharmacy about flu shots yesterday and they aren’t available till the end of October..way too late in my mind. We fly south on WestJet non stop from Vancouver to Mazatlan on Nov 6th (unless they change it) and hope to get the flu shot before we leave. Everything is just so difficult these days..sad.

    • Lucy says:

      Hi Kathryn, in California the flue vaccine began end of the first week of September. Can’t U get yours at RideAid, CVS etc they are been given @present. Certainly, end of October is a bit too late to commence vaccination. My regards: Lucy.

      • Kathryn Tycho says:

        We are in northern B.C. and the flu shots are not due to arrive here until late October.

      • contessa says:

        To Lucy, our flu shots are covered by the government and they decide when the best time is. FYI we have different pharmacies here in Canada, such as Shoppers, IDA, etc. We don’t have as many as you do.

    • contessa says:

      To Kathy. 🙂 thanks for the smile. Here the flu shots are staring on the 24th of October. But you can get them in Mazatlan and they should be good to go once you arrive. I admire you for flying. I guess you are going to be my eyes and info on the ground. Good timing for having purchased a home there and no longer RVing.

  3. SandyM says:

    Hi Contessa, Today we were in Costco and there was lots of Kirkland TP but no Kirkland paper towels in sight. However, there were some but not many Bounty paper towels and they were flying off the shelf. I think probably by the time we checked out all the Bounty paper towels were in carts and out the door. There was a line up to even get to them. There was no sign limiting the number but I did not see anyone taking more then one 12 roll pack. Just to let you know how it is here in my part of the USA.

  4. Dolores says:

    I was surprised last week costco in Bend had TONS of Kirkland TP, 1st time since this began!?! So they must have sent it all here!!! Paper towels too…
    Love that chair….

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    I was able to get paper towel, and the toilet paper we use for the RV, at Save On yesterday. They had a good supply. I have noticed that stores are running out of things so I do think people are starting to hoard for the fall 🙁

    • contessa says:

      But aren’t the Save On prices way higher than Costco? We were at Save On this past Friday and they did have all the paper goods. I so hope that we will not see hoarding this winter.

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