Sep 17, 2020

A bit of this and that

Since my last post the smoke has remained but lifts somewhat at times.  Early mornings have not been so bad.  Today was the best in that we were able to go for a walk before Colin left for his photo shot late afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I walked, first because of my buckling knee and then because of the smoke.  I need to get back into a routine pronto. It did feel good to get out there.

We did not have mail delivery either Monday nor Tuesday because of the smoke.

I surprised Colin last Sunday by making him a zucchini loaf. We both thought it was perfect. Not too much cinnamon and there was also a bit of nutmeg and ginger. It felt strange to be baking something. We never bake for ourselves as we usually don’t eat sweets. But Colin started making banana loaf  when we got back in March and it has become his thing. It seemed to take me forever to put the loaf together but it all turned out well in the end.  Somehow all of the kitchen counters were full.  I did manage to get all the dishes washed before he got back 😉

Saw this in the park the other day. Nice colour.

His Monday photo shoot was cancelled because of the smoke. Hopefully sometime in the end few weeks perfect conditions will return. So with Colin staying home to photoshop all of the photos I was free to take off in the car.  If Colin spends 10 hours doing the photography then the editing and photo shop take at least the same amount of time. He can take 10 to 14 photos that he needs to put together in layers in order to get the one final perfect shot. That is how he controls lighting, balancing the inside with the outside views. Quite complicated. Then there are details like adding paintings to walls or putting flames in a fireplace and putting a picture on the TV screen.  Hours and hours of work.

Tuesday I had a bone density test for the first time in four years I think. I am shrinking. I remember being 5’4″ but now I am only 5’2″! That explains why I can no longer reach up to shut one set of our bedroom windows.  I did a wee grocery shop at Save on Foods and then headed over to Walmart to pick up a few items. It was the first time that I did shopped there since last fall before we heard south to Mexico. They have done a huge remodel and it looks so different and of course I had to do a lot of walking to find things. While there I stopped in at the computer/cell phone department and they were able to fix a glitch on my iPhone. I was glad to get home again. This was my first big drive into Kelowna since we have been home. Since we got back we have done everything together and Colin has done all the driving. I did do a small local drive here in Lake Country just be make sure I was good to go. I never drive in Mexico so it has been along time not being behind the wheel.

The was our harvest on Tuesday. Four cucumbers and more coming. This afternoon I picked the same amount of beans and tomatoes. We have so many tomatoes and our freezer is almost full. We had a slow start to our garden because of all the rain in the spring but is certainly is paying off now.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a massage ( Colin cancelled his to stay and do more work on the computer ). From there I made stops at Robinson Lighting to pick up special order bulbs, a quick stop at Walmart to return something, a big shop at Costco ( we haven’t been for three weeks or more ) and finally to pick up books here at the local library. I had been gone over five hours and was tired but felt good about all the diving I had done.

We have had an RV tech here trying to sort out a problem with our hydraulic pump.  Neither the jacks nor the slides are working. We had no problems other than a small leak which this RV tech looked at and did some adjustments. That is when things stopped working. He has since put in a new solenoid which made no difference.  Colin has since been in contact with our RV tech in Mazatlan.  Eric had three suggestions to try before spending money on a new motor or a new pump. So we wait for this RV tech to be free to come back and try the suggestions 😯

I am constantly seeing bare shelves here and there in all the stores I shop at.  The one thing I have been looking for since we got home is napkins. No one has any except Superstore and they are so thin that they are useless.  I looked online earlier and it seems that most napkins are out of stock.

This is what I have been purchasing for years. I finally picked up some more expensive and fancier napkins at Costco. I hope I have some of the others in the RV.

There was a flyer in our mail yesterday from the same store that I had purchased my winter coats at. They are offering 25% off everything in the store for the next three days. Because I can return my purchases for a full refund, I intend to do so tomorrow and then repurchase the same items at 25% off. That puts $84.00 back in my pocket. Perfect 😎

Our government is lagging in announcing an update about the Canada/US border closure which expires on September 21st.  I have heard rumours that it will be closed for another month but I had also heard that a higher up government official leaked that it will be closed until after the US Thanksgiving, perhaps November 27th. So many snowbirds are waiting for the announcement as it will affect their winter plans. All we can do is wait and see.  Hopefully tomorrow we will know the que pasa of it all.

I bet this is really happening in schools.

Who swims with a mask on?

Smoke gets in your eyes. Best sunset shot in the past few weeks.


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17 Responses to “A bit of this and that”

  1. Carol says:

    the smoke here is terrible also, it really bothers Bill as part of one lung was injured when he was a young man. yesterday he was having trouble catching his breath. so went on line and bought an air purifier – got it delivered and within the hour he was feeling better. thank goodness. can’t get napkins here either.

  2. SandyM says:

    Was going to suggest Costco for napkins – that is where I have found the kind I like. They were off the shelf for some time but now they are back in our area. I really dislike a “flimsy” napkin.

    Your tomatoes look beautiful – ripe all the way to the core – have notice it before but failed to make a comment on how pretty they look. Bet they taste just as good as they look. Great garden this summer.

    • contessa says:

      The only ones that Costco has here are the fancy ones that cost more money but I needed something. The tomatoes taste wonderful, add an equally great tasting cucumber and we have very yummy toasted sandwiches.

  3. Your bountiful harvest I truly admire. No need to shop for produce I guess. That is terrible that you have to endure all that smoky air and as mentioned above, I would probably also shop for an air purifier if the smoke situation was ongoing and reoccurring where I live. By the way, our neighbour burned cut off branches from a tree on his property and the fire was really high and big with lots of smoke. We told him it was too high and we didn’t appreciate the smoke as we could not sit outside on our deck. Two days later we discovered the flues and ashes from his fire had burned multiple holes into the roof of our new portable shed. It’s now his portable shed!

    • contessa says:

      Thank you. We have not shopped for any veggies all summer. I think I will have enough frozen beans to last a good part of the winter which is nice as they are not always in good shape once they get to the market and we so enjoy them. We have a 30 – 40% chance of showers for the next 24 hours and we are all hoping that we get the rain and that it clears the smoke. OMG, what and idiot to create such a fire. He should pay more that just the cost of a new shed.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I gave up on paper napkins–bought a bunch of microfiber cloths that go in the laundry after use. We now use them instead of paper towels as well. It takes a bit of a mind game to persuade yourself you can drain cooked bacon on a cloth. 🙂

  5. Judith says:

    Even down here in Texas we had the smoke, way up high though, so breathing the air was OK. Thanks be. But the light was weird all day, like a very partical solar eclipse. If you’ve seen one, you’ll know what I mean. Here too my local grocery has empty spaces on the paper goods aisle, and some other sections as well. Stay well and be careful. Your harvest is so beautiful. I am green with envy.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    Nice haul from your garden!

    I haven’t been in Walmart since we returned, I guess I will have to stop in and see what they have changed.

    I have also noticed I am unable to buy certain things, Costco has been out of decaf coffee for the past few months but I was able to buy napkins there. I think people are starting to stock up for the fall.

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