Jul 28, 2020

A blur of days

Our friends Jan and Paul had booked nine days here at Holiday Park on January 2nd.  They were so happy to be able to come and visit as their March cruise was canceled and they truly needed a break. We visited with them briefly ( twice ) on the 20th, the day they arrived. There were two other couples who were supposed to travel with them but they both ended up staying back in Alberta, all related to Covid.

Our first outing together was to the Blind Tiger winery on Thursday ( the 23rd ) for lunch. As you may recall, Colin and I had recently gone there for a tasting and dinner but they had run out of pizza dough.

The weather was perfect. Jan and I did what they call self tastings, at our table. The fellows had sodas.  Two pizzas were ordered.  We both ended up ordering a bottle of wine which we enjoyed with the meal.  The rest of the bottles were brought home.

Colin and I each ordered a 12 inch Margherita pizza. We had heard so much about this wonderful Naples style pizza. It was tasty but no where near what a typical Naples pizza is like. The crust was thick and you could hold a slice with your hand.  All the pizzas we tasted in Naples ( which they claim to be the best in the world and we happen to agree ) required a knife and fork to eat them.  The mozzarella and basil were excellent but I found the tomato sauce much too sweet.  I honestly would not recommend the wine nor the pizza.  However we still had a wonderful outing.

Not much later we ended up at our place where we each had a piece of the delicious Black Forest birthday cake that Jan and Paul had brought to celebrate Colins’ birthday along with some tasty chocolate ice cream. Can you see Jazz in the photo?

She got vanilla ice cream. She is the tiniest Yorkie that we have ever seen, not to mention the sweetest along with her big personality.

Day two of Colin’s birthday celebration. He does love cake.

Our new neighbours ended up joining us for dessert even though they had not yet had dinner.

Friday we had a reservation on the patio at the Greek House restaurant, a favourite for all of us.  It had become much cooler and I did need a sweater.

The previous photo and this selfie were taken by Paul.

Colin and I enjoyed our usual spanakopita dinner which is ever so much better eating it at the restaurant rather than doing take out. There was sanitizer at the entrance and the server stayed well away from the table and only served to the end of the table where we were asked to pass items along.  We felt very safe there.

On Saturday ( yes we were going for three days in a row of activities ) we enjoyed a shared meal. We all contributed to happy hour with some wonderful snacks including shrimp, thanks to Paul and Jan. Those two red food tents that I got for Colin for his birthday came in handy.

We shared three salads and a quiche for dinner. A perfect end to the day. Yes I am still covered up, wearing a shawl here.

Sunday was a day off and as you can see I had a wonderful nap out on the lawn.  I was wrapped this time with my blankie.  I can’t nap unless covered.

Some light humour……



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8 Responses to “A blur of days”

  1. SandyM says:

    Goodness, I went to store for eggs and bread and came home with ice cream and snickers. Now I know how that happened. ??
    Lovely photos of you, Colin and your friends and the food, too. Today we did not get into the 90’s the first in quite some time – so many 90 plus degree days in July and we still have a couple days left in the month.

  2. Cindy says:

    Sorry you didn’t like the wine or pizza at Blind Tiger….did you try the Giggle Water? Looks like great fun with your friends!

    • contessa says:

      I have done two tastings there but nothing appealed to me. No I bought a bottle of Pinot Gris instead of trying the Giggle Water. I really really wish the the pizza was better. I would be promoting the heck out of it. I now have to try that lobster pizza you rave about.

  3. Kelly Florence says:

    Really nice pictures and birthday wrap up.
    I must have missed where you got the Black Forest cake, or did you make it ?

    • contessa says:

      The Black Forest cake was a gift from Jan and Paul along with their chocolate ice cream. I do believe they purchased it somewhere.

  4. Judith says:

    So glad to see you had some good times with friends. Very important these days. Well, I guess it always is, just now seems especially precious. Colin always looks so cheerful! Nice to see. I am envying your lovely nap……

    • contessa says:

      Ummm, I am also wanting to have that lovely nap yet again. These are the only people that we have allowed into our bubble to date. It was lovely spending time with “real” people.

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