Jul 21, 2020

Heat wave and truly enjoying our garden

Finally, finally, finally we have the heat that the Okanagan is known for. We hit a high of 36C /97F today with more to come for most of the week ahead but not quite so hot. We actually started our air conditioning about 10:30 this morning, after our walk. With all of the windows ( blinds were down ) it does get hot in here ( in the winter it is going to be cold – but that is something to deal with in the months ahead.  We set the A/C at 73F but it remained about 81F at my desk most of the day. Now at 8PM is is about 84F outside and down to 78F inside at my desk but on the bedroom/kitchen side of the house it is 74F, so we are comfortable. The spray foam insulation we put into the walls on the west side of the house is helping. We never put the A/C on in Mexico until it gets to be about 85F.

More beautiful flowers in the garden area.

A pair of quail were taking turns having a dirt bath in someones raised flower bed. Can you see the blur of a wing to the left of the male.

There, her head popped up. We just stopped and watched them have fun.

I want to say that we have more peas than we can eat.  But that is not true, one can never have enough fresh picked peas to eat. We simply sit and shell them and eat them as we watch TV later in the evening.  That is Colin on the far side of the pea jungle.

This was a donated tomato plant and it turns out that it is a tomatillo. Great for making salsa verde. This plant is growing like a weed and we have to keep cutting it back as it is taking over a large area. The tomatillos grow within this lantern like soft shell.  Take a moment and check out tomatillos on Google.  Most interesting.

A dead fish just floating next to our rocks. Looks like the turtles have been dining well.

I asked Colin to push the fish out as far as he could.  However then it sank. The lake is lowering and soon we will have our rocky beach back.  We are hoping that Mr. Fish will have disappeared by then.

I love this wild flower garden.

The other evening the muskrat was floating in the lake reeds, just munching away. First time we have ever seen him stay still and simply float.

We have had four large cucumbers from the pot on our patio ( dark green blob on the left ). Very tasty as compared to the ones you purchase in a store. Sadly this plant is pretty much done as something is infesting it.  Colin has tried so many things to stop this white fungus/bacteria., to no avail. We are still waiting on the garden cukes but the plants are slow and today we spotted the same white fungus in the garden cucumbers.

We picked all of this, this afternoon.  I now have three zucchini in the fridge and there are enough green  beans to add to a meal. The ones on the right came from the patio pot and the others from the garden.  We had a similar feed of steamed beans last night, very tasty. I do like them raw as well.  So many peas, longer ones in the front and different climbing peas further back.  We have two large bags of peas in the fridge. I may have to figure out how to preserve some of this produce.  Plus I gave away kale to two people plus some Swiss chard and a large handful of peas to one person.

We did see the space station last night as it passed over, what a treat.  Plus the other evening we were able to just make out the comet as it moved through the sky.  What more do we need in our lives?

Well at least he is complying with regulations and wearing a mask!!

Thanks to all who sent anniversary greetings. To the few who thought that the reveal might be new puppies, you were close.  We have been seriously thinking about it. However we do need to be sure that our travels overseas are over first. But we have been looking 😎

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4 Responses to “Heat wave and truly enjoying our garden”

  1. What a bountiful harvest. I bet all veggies taste wonderful. I don’t refrigerate what I bring in from the garden to keep the flavour, but then I don’t have that many vegetables as you do.
    I have bought from Canadian Tire a bottle of “Green Earth, Horticultural Oil” if mixed with water I spray it on leaves of pest affected plants and it kills all mites etc. Would not use it on fruit though.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you. We can’t eat all that is ready at the same time so we do have to put the veggies in the fridge. Once the peas are done I think we might plant more romaine and beets. If we are here all winter it will be nice to have our own veggies. For certain we will look into that Green Earth product. Thank for that as well.

  2. At least your garden is keeping you well fed.
    That traveler is only thinking of himself.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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